The Psychopaths that really run the world. Who’s who!

Is the Root of Evil the Psychopathic Mind?

We have all heard the phrase “It’s a dog eat dog world” or this one”Good guys finish last”. If you acknowledge this to be true, you have to ask the question where do you think all the bad guys are, and who are they.  This post is an in debt look into PONEROLOGY – THE STUDY OF EVIL


The Hidden Evil is a psychopathic program which exists in a society controlled by psychopaths. The World Is Run By Real Psychopaths


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Are Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide?



The United States Isn’t a Country — It’s a Corporation!

Proof that the USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations

One of the greatest tricks that the New World Order (NWO) did to enslave the people of the world was to secretly create a corporate version of counties, cities, states, and countries. By doing this, the leaders of the NWO and their minions were able to trick us to unknowingly agree to be “agents” or “employees” of these corporations through the use of fraudulent contracts (i.e., birth certificate, social security card, driver’s license).

The information in this article is more focused on the USA, because I am more familiar with the so called laws in the USA and the U.S. legal system. If you do not live in the USA, you should still read this article for the reason that the same legal system that has enslaved Americans is the same legal system that has enslaved most people of the world.

The “laws” in the USA are not really laws; instead, they are acts and statutes of the United States, Incorporated. In other words, they are rules and codes of a corporation. Like any corporation (i.e., Walmart, Target), you are NOT bound to the rules (acts and statutes) of the United States, Inc. unless you agree to be a citizen (“employee”) of this corporation. The only laws you (the natural living, breathing person) are bound to are the Laws of Nature.

Did You Know the United States is a FOREIGN Corporation?……

Attention U.S. Military Personnel! Did You Know You Swore an Oath to Defend a FOREIGN Private Corporation (United States, Inc.)?

Source: If you are in the U.S. military and care about freedom and life, you need to be aware that you swore an oath to…….


Canada is a Corporation Under UK Queen

Book Details How Canada Was Sold Out

Shelley Ann Clark reveals how Canada was
sold to the USA in her new book,
“The Sale of a Country”

By Dee Nicholson

Shelley Ann Clark,  multilingual 30-year veteran of Canada’s Dept. of Foreign Affairs found herself in the midst of a scandal that has yet to be openly discussed in Canada.

As a high-level staffer with security clearance during the negotiations for the 1988 Canada-USA Free Trade Agreement*, she watched as our country was sold to the USA, without anyone noticing.

Now she has written an explosive book that proves Canada was placed on a rapid path to full integration with the United States. Those skids were greased by the Free Trade Agreement, which essentially was a gift of Canadian resources to the USA with not a lot in return.

The Americans got the keys to Canada’s wealth in much the same way as they bought Manhattan Island from the indigenous natives, for a bunch of beads and blankets worth only a couple of bucks.

Clark recounts how, as the Executive Assistant to Germain Denis, Number Three man on the Canadian FTA negotiating team, she was required to type out two different versions of the agreement’s terms, one for the provincial premiers to review, and another with the real terms, that has never since been seen by any Canadian outside of the team that wrote it.

So the premiers never saw the real agreement: they were handed bogus documents with figures altered to make things look hunky-dory to them, while behind the scenes, the Americans were busy approving terms and conditions the premiers would never have agreed to support.

In fact, the original, real document is hidden in a bunker 50 miles north of Ottawa, and all the bogus documents were shredded on command.  The premiers never caught on that they had been had, nor did the Canadian people. And the signed agreement has since been declared an object of “National Security”.

Shredded documents, midnight meetings, secret whisperings, computer spying, ransacked homes, threats, covert contacts with the PMO… and a deal that gave away Canada’s right to determine what we do with our water resources, that allowed foreign takeover of Canadian companies, that harmonized with the US health care system (Obama-care, anyone?), that altered our banking system, our communication system, and ultimately geared us up for absorption into the USA….

Finally a former politician who tells the truth

In this exclusive Press For Truth interview Dan Dicks sits down with Bill Vander Zalm former Premier of British Columbia to discuss his views on politics, the global elite and their end game agenda.


PROOF: “BAR” attorney are AGENTS of a FOREIGN power and most of them KNOW it.

When you were born your government forged your name and created a Birth Certificate Bond.




The Grand Illusion

A good analogy to this would be “the matrix” as explained by Morpheus:
“It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

“What truth?”

“That you are a slave, Neo.   Like everyone else, you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot smell, or taste, or touch.

A prison, for your mind.”

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the matrix is. You have to see it for yourself

“I’m trying to free your mind… But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.” — Morpheus



The Cult Almost Everyone is a Part Of – YouTube


Why Your Legal Name is Written in All Capital Letters

Strawman | The Real Story Of Your Artificial Person

Killing Your STRAWMAN – The Path To Freedom | REALITY BLOG

In the bigger picture, all of the leaders in the world are liars and play on the same team to play us against each other. If you go down the rabbit whole far enough you will come to the same conclusion. This is something that has been going for millenniums. They lie and we believe, because we trust. Stop trusting and believing anything that is mainstream.

Who Really Controls the World? : Waking Times

So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister (1804-1881)

Secret Societies Rule the World

The Network of Global Secret Societies

01 Secret Societies Network

The largest mechanism used by the bloodlines to implement the New World agenda is the global secret society network. Politicians, bankers, businessmen, and media personalities – the biggest names in history and world affairs form a huge secret society matrix.

This hierarchical pyramid-structured network is constantly recruiting and placing members in key influential positions. In order to orchestrate global events and policy decisions from behind the scenes, many niche secret societies groom and position politicians, media personalities, and other “yes-men” so they may best aid the Great Work.

“Beneath the broad tide of human history there flow the stealthy undercurrents of the secret societies, which frequently determine in the depths the changes that take place upon the surface” -A. E. Waite (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn)

“You see, if you amount to anything in Washington these days, it is because you have been plucked or handpicked from an Ivy League school – Harvard, Yale, Kennedy School of Government – you’ve shown an aptitude to be a good Ivy League type, and so you’re plucked so-to-speak, and you are assigned success.

You are assigned a certain role in government somewhere, and then your success is monitored and tracked, and you go where the pluckers and the hand pickers can put you.” -Radio Talk show Host Rush Limbaugh, Feb. 7th, 1995

World leaders are made offers they cannot refuse, bribed, even blackmailed, or otherwise recruited and sworn into these secret societies. Then, often under blood-oaths to which they remain loyal, these Brotherhood initiates follow orders throughout their terms in office.

In this way, the electorate constantly changes giving the illusion of discontinuity of leadership when in fact each successive leader “coincidentally” belongs to the same secret societies……………

Brotherhoods and Secret Societies – Main File

Masons and Knights Templar – Main File


The Global Media Control – Main File

This is a documentary series, that shows a world that has been hidden from us, but is the true reality that operates in the shadows.

This includes political issues, the truth about 911, lying politicians, new world order, satanic government, satanic hollywood, the music industry, symbology & numerology, ancient history & cultures, rituals, secret societies, human consciousness, tv mind control, the solution and much more…

Its all about being aware of things, it’s time to wake up. We all have been asleep for too long. The truth will set you free

The New World Order – Novus Ordo Mundi

13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati

Part I of the Plan for Total Domination of the World


Pyramid Of Death: Who REALLY Runs This World?


Does The Pope Own The World? – YouTube

Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City

America A British Colony Under The Roman Empire


What are the three city states and do they rule the world?

The flag in Washington’s District of Columbia has 3 red stars, each symbolizing a city state within the three city empire. The three city empire consists of Washington D.C., London, and Vatican City. London is the corporate center of the three city states and controls the world economically. Washington’s District of Columbia city state is in charge of the military, and the Vatican offers spiritual guidance. The constitution of the district of Columbia operates under a tyrannical roman law known as lex fori, which in no way resembles the U.S. constitution.

When congress passed the act of 1871, it created a separate corporate government for the District of Columbia. This allowed the District of Columbia to operate as a corporation outside the constitution.

If you take a moment to study some signed treaties and charters between the United States and Britain, you will find that the United States has always been a British crowned Colony. In 1606, King James (yes, the King James who revised the bible) signed the charter of Virginia. The charter granted Americas British forefathers a license to settle and colonize America. The charter also guaranteed future kings and queens of England would have sovereign authority over all citizens and colonized land in America.

In 1783, the Paris peace treaty was signed. This treaty identifies the King of England as the prince of the United States contradicting the belief that America won the war of independence. And although King George III of England gave up most claims over his American colonies, he kept his right to continue receiving payments for his business ventures of colonizing America. If America won the war of independence, why would the agree to pay reparations to the king.

When the 13th amendment to the constitution was passed, the U.S. president was made subservient to the King of England. The 13th Amendment (the title of nobility amendment) forbids U.S. officials from using royal titles like king, or prince. For some strange reason though, the 13th amendment which was ratified in 1810 no longer appears in current copies of the U.S. constitution.

The war of independence against the British bankrupted America and turned its citizens into debt slaves of the king. In 1812, the British torched and burned the white house and all U.S. government buildings to the ground, destroying many ratification records of the U.S. constitution.

Then, nearly a century later, a corrupt U.S. congress committed the biggest theft in world history. They passed Paul Warburgs federal reserve act of 1913, handing over Americas gold and silver reserves (and total control of Americas economy) to the federal reserve bank. Most Americans still believe the FED is owned by the government, but it is not. The FED is a privately owned banking system whose majority class A shareholders include the Rothschild’s, Warburgs, J.P. Morgan, the Rockefeller’s and the Lehman brothers.

Most U.S. citizens believe the United States is a country and the president is its leader, but the U.S. is not a country, it is a corporation, and the president is not our leader, he is the president of the corporation of the U.S. The president, along his elected officials work for the corporation, not for the American People.

So, who owns the giant U.S. corporation? Like Canada and Australia, whose leaders are prime ministers of the queen, and whose land is called crowned land, the U.S. is just another crowned colony. Crowned colonies are controlled by the empire of the three city states. Thus, the U.S. is controlled by the three city states.

Let’s get into some symbolism. At the center of each city state are giant phallic shaped stone monuments called obelisks. In D.C. the obelisk is known as the Washington monument. It was dedicated to George Washington by the Freemason Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. The secretive brotherhood of Freemasons laid the Washington obelisks cornerstone in 1848 and contributed 22 masonic memorial stones. 250 masonic lodges financed the Washington monument obelisk including the knights templar masonic order.

The Dark History of The Vatican  – Main File

The Vatican Mafia

The Jesuits – Main File





Order Followers – The People Who Keep The System Of Slavery In Place — Mark Passio

Mark Passio explains how Following Orders means doing what you are told to do, without judging for yourself whether or not the action you are being ordered to carry out is Right or Wrong.

If an individual is following orders, that individual CAN NOT be exercising Conscience, since, by definition, exercising Conscience means that one is willfully choosing for themselves Right Action over Wrong Action.

I was just following orders” is NEVER a valid excuse or “justification” for immoral, criminal behavior, and this lame attempt to abdicate personal responsibility SHOULD NEVER BE ACCEPTED as a valid excuse for such behavior.

The term Justification comes from the Latin noun jus: “right; law” and the Latin verb facere: “to make; to create”.

Justification = To “Create” A Right.

You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her soul.” – Mahatma Gandhi………….


Can the Military Actually Put Voices in Your Head?

Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons

Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons – by Stephen Lendman

Directed energy weapons include lasers, high power microwave, and millimeter wave ones among others. A relevant December 2007 Department of Defense (DOD) report called them a “transformational game changer in military operations, able to augment and improve operational capabilities in many areas,” for both lethal and non-lethal purposes.

Access the full text through the following link:

Among other applications, EMF weapons/devices are used for harassment, surveillance and mind control. Agencies like the Pentagon, CIA and NSA use them to monitor people, manipulate their minds, harm, and at times kill them. The Navy Times called them the “most feared and controversial weapon(s) of (the) modern age.”

Human experiments in America go back decades, an earlier article addressed MK-ULTRA (and others), accessed through the following link:….

Mind Control – Main File

Non-Lethal Weapons – “Psychotronics” and “Silent Sound” – Main File

Every single problem in the world at large is rigged, orchestrated, deliberately instigated and deceitfully implemented and managed:

the food crisis is rigged, the financial meltdown is rigged, mass media are rigged, entertainment is rigged, democratic elections are rigged, statistics are rigged, education is rigged, epidemics are rigged, vaccines for epidemics are rigged, Google is rigged, the immanent UFO invasion is rigged, anthropic global warming is rigged, WW III is rigged, terrorism is rigged.

Radiation, chemtrails, fertilizers: Humans are crossing “planetary boundaries” and killing Earth, study says –

It appears that the New World Order is planning to destroy the entire world (destroy farming, destroy ecology, destroy non-monopolistic economics, destroy sovereignty of the governments of the world, destroy the world religions, destroy our consciousness, and destroy civilization overall), in order to rebuild and recreate the world in the way that they want—order out of attacking the New World Order (or, more succinctly put, order out of chaos).”

the Hegelian Dialect. Problem→Reaction→Solution (Thesis→Antithesis→Synthesis). In other words, those in a position of power invent a problem, anticipating the public’s reaction to it, and use that reaction to generate demand for the “solution” which was the intended program power-holders wanted to implement in the first place.

Who Are The Illuminati?

The Illuminati – Main File

‘They Live’: Weird Movie With Powerful Message

You may be incredulous at thought of a movie with famous wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, possessing a deeper meaning. But there is a message that John Carpenter’s 1988 film They Live conveys to viewers: another race clandestinely controls mankind via sub- conscious messages delivered by all forms of media!  Vigilant Citizen (VC) offers in the article, “‘They Live’, the Weird Movie With a Powerful Message, an impression that “…movie’s message is becoming increasingly relevant … and freakishly realistic.” Could it be Illuminati-controlled Hollywood made the movie industry wise to their subliminal forms of manipulation almost twenty five years ago?

A catch phrase of human rebels used in movie, “They Live We Sleep,” according to VC, “…describes the fundamental difference between the elite and the masses. Those in power know the truth about the world and possess the means and the power to truly ‘live’. The rest of the population is sedated, dumbed-down and manipulated into a zombie-like status in order for it to be as easily manageable as possible by the masters. The masses ignorance equals a state of endless slumber.”
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The End Game. The Merging of Humanity and Machines.

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