Chemical Hell on Earth

Chemical Hell on Earth

Posted by Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association

Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

From whatever point of rationalization or greed it is clear that certain groups of corporations with government support have deliberately created a toxic hell on our planet. It’s a special kind of hell that gets chemically and radioactively more toxic each year with the damage and danger expanding to hurt, debilitate, torture, and even kill people in uncountable numbers. Welcome to planet earth.

The weight of evidence based on the findings of wildlife biologists, toxicologists, and epidemiologists clearly indicates that the world’s populations are being exposed to a host of chemical contaminants and heavy metals. And even radiation exposures are headed upward with the medical establishment’s stubborn use of radiation in diagnostic tests, its use in the treatment of cancer and the insane use of depleted uranium on distant battlefields.

Chronic disease is the number one killer in the United States, accounting for about four out of five deaths in America each year yet most doctors have not the slightest idea of what is really causing this. The medical establishment has not been able to solve or cure any of the chronic diseases facing humanity simply because they don’t really want to know anything about the causes. So medical officials go on and on about the flu and about viruses instead of addressing the fact that pharmaceutical medicine are one of the greatest sources of toxic exposure – and so is dentistry. Actually this is a plan by design of the pharmaceutical manufacturers, meaning the pharmaceutical giants have manipulated the entire bunch of us – patients and doctors – to continue to look to their pharmaceutical drugs as the end all, be all of these chronic diseases. Their sole intent is to keep us on their drugs, not to find a real cure, and it’s of little consequence to them that these drugs cause harm and suffering……….

………….Most doctors, dentists and health officials have been brainwashed; they cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to toxicity. This has been deliberate. Medicine and dentistry are among the worst polluters of the human biosphere so they are the last ones who will come to grips with Toxicity Syndrome. Contemporary medicine is now threatened with its own demise because as toxicity rises in the world (and intensely in certain areas) we become more sensitive and sick – not from viruses, bacteria and fungus but from chemical poisoning. As toxicity saturates our bodies any new threat shoves us hard over the line causing a syndrome known as…………..

…….Human destiny is on a collision course with contemporary medicine, dentistry and the pharmaceutical companieswho have been poisoning humanity and making a lot of money doing so….

……One of the primary ways we have to diminish our exposure to poisons is to drink pure water with key minerals, especially magnesium and sodium bicarbonate added to it.This is extraordinarily helpful in two major ways:……..

Please read the article above. It is long but very important.

Conventional Medicine Vs. Holistic: A Huge Difference – Cancer Tutor


Every year 2.3 million Americans cash in their chips, buy the ranch, go to meet Elvis… (Vital Statistics, 1999) Here’s why:


  1. heart disease—- 720,000
  2. cancer———- 539,000
  3. stroke———- 159,000
  4. pulmonary disease—109,000
  5. accidents——- 95,000
  6. pneumonia/influenza–84,000
  7. diabetes——– 62,000
  8. suicide——— 30,000
  9. kidney disease—– 25,000
  10. liver disease—— 25,000

Adding up these top ten causes comes to about 1.8 million. According to Vital Statistics, the standard publication of the National Health Service and the Centers for Disease Control, the other half million deaths come from miscellaneous causes like homicide, AIDS, snakebites, and less common diseases.

But watch how statistics are twisted. From the following sources, we now know that at least 400,000 deaths are caused by prescription drugs and medical error.

150,000 to 300,000 Americans are injured or killed each year because of medical negligence (i.e., mistreated diseases, surgeries, drug reactions, misprescribed drugs.)
–Wall Street Journal, Jan. 13, 1993.

Right up there with deaths from medications come deaths from medical error. Besides the 100,000 people dying from drugs every year an additional 180,000 patients die each year from medical mistakes, being injured while in the hospital, and another 1 million are injured. This is from Journal of the American Medical Association, July 5, 1995, 274:29-34.

A more recent source is the startling admission of David Lawrence, MD, the Chief Executive of the nation’s largest HMO – Kaiser Permanente. In the 15 July 1999 issue of the Oakland Tribune, Dr. Lawrence states that medical mistakes now kill some 400,000 Americans every year, more than all the deaths from alcohol, firearms and tobacco combined. (Rosenblatt)

Different sources different figures – Ralph Nader, JAMA Apr 98, JAMA, July 5, 1995, Wall St. Journal, Oakland Tribune Jul 99. But all agree on one idea: more Americans are dying of prescription drugs every year than died in the entire Vietnam War (55,000) and the Battle of Gettysburg (50,000) put together. Probably way more. Where is the objection? Where is the outcry?

Anybody clocking this? The most conservative medical estimates put the total deaths per year from prescription drugs and hospital errors together at 300,000 per year. It’s probably 10 times more, as the editor of the Apr 98 JAMA stated in his editorial on p 1216. If the number of deaths from these two causes combined is only twice as many as these lowest conservative figures, that puts medical error and drug side effect deaths as the Number One cause of death in the U.S. today, which is more than likely.

Now going back to the top ten causes of death above, see the overlap? Medical error is not even listed by Vital Statistics as a cause of death. How many of these medical mistakes and drug effects caused the heart attacks or strokes, which are listed? Nobody knows – they don’t track it. But again, it’s very possible that medical error and prescription drugs are the number one cause of death in the U.S. today, especially considering the estimate of the JAMA editor that only 10% get reported.

No wonder your grandfather doesn’t want to go to the hospital. That’s called the Survival Instinct.

Here is some hard truth most will have a hard time to swallow, but it is the truth. You will never see a cure from big pharma as it would put them out business. “There is no profit in a one time cure”. What they have is called managed medicine where people are put on pills for life or CASH for life for them.


Please take the time to download the following 100 plus page document that I put together. It has information on how to heal the body naturally.

Click to access End_the_lies._Share_the_truth%2C_Save_a_life.pdf


Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Articles

Studies, testimonials, side effects and uses of sodium bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) commonly called baking soda is a natural substance used in the human body within the bloodstream to regulate pH as a counterbalance to acid build up, which is critical to life. It affects the pH of cells and tissues, balances cell voltage, and increases CO2 which helps with oxygenation. Sodium Bicarbonate is a powerful medical tool that everyone would benefit by knowing more about.

Sodium Bicarbonate can be used as a first line of defence for a vast range of sickness including, cancer, flu, diabetes, kidney disease and even the common cold. Sodium Bicarbonate can be used in many forms whether transdermally in a bath, orally or nebulised for lung conditions. It is so powerful in it’s ability to detox that it can even be used against radiation exposure…..


Information drawn from various sources.


 This is what Dr. Marc Cochran has to say about low pH and acidosis.



An acidic body is a body full of chronic pain and illness. The more acidic you become, the more chronic and the more severe the illness will become.” “What does long term acidosis create? The American public is about 98% acidic because of the diet. Call it what you want. Now, I am going to give you some long term symptoms of acidosis.” “Long term symptoms of acidosis.” 1. “Acne, panic attacks, lack of sex drive, cold hands and feet, food allergies, agitation, bloating, mild headaches, rapid panting breath, hard to get up in the morning. That’s the beginning symptoms of acidosis. Now we’re gonna go in the middle.” 2. “Cold sores, depression, migraine headaches, asthma, hives, swelling, urinary infections, colitis, excessive falling hair, stuttering, numbness, tingling, fungal infections. That’s intermediate.” 3. “The last one. Advanced symptoms: Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, leukemia, all cancers, Hodgkin’s disease, schizophrenia, tuberculosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis.” “That’s what you have to look forward to if you are not changing the acid in your body. Now, I also want you to understand that this information I just gave you is not from Dr. Marc Cochran. This is from research documentation. So, I’m not just saying it to say it. Everything that is in this handout is backed by medical research.”


An acid pH (ACIDOSIS) is the Seed-Bed of Degenerative Diseases

The Harmful Effects of an Imbalanced pH on the Body Systems

By Dr. William Lee Cowden

Please go to the link above to continue.

Low pH and Cancer!

Testing your pH

Medical holocaust: Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) If every single person currently taking psychotropic medications or antidepressants were to be pulled off these deadly drugs and given a new, safer regimen instead, society would be much better off. This is the larger inference of a new review published in The BMJ (British Medical Journal), which found that more than half a million people in the West die every year from psych meds, which authors found have “minimal” benefits and a multitude of harmful side effects……..

Antidepressants Causing Birth Defects and Are Found in Water Supplies

The New Childhood Epidemic: Diabesity

Only grown-ups used to get type 2 diabetes. Now one in three American kids is developing it

Type 2 Diabetes and Kids: The Growing Epidemic

Type 2 diabetes used to be practically unheard of in people under 30. That explains the other common name for the disease: adult-onset diabetes. Not long ago, almost all children with diabetes suffered from the type 1 form of the disease, which means their bodies couldn’t produce enough insulin. And type 2 diabetes, in which the pancreas may produce normal insulin levels but cells become resistant to it, typically took decades to develop.

But type 2 diabetes isn’t just for adults anymore. The number of children and adolescents with the condition (most of whom are diagnosed in their early teens) has skyrocketed within the last 20 years, prompting the journal Diabetes Care to call it an “emerging epidemic.” While type 1 diabetes is still more prevalent among children nationwide, experts estimate that type 2 diabetes has grown from less than 5 percent in 1994 to about 20 percent of all newly diagnosed cases of the disease among youth in more recent years….

NEW Research Explains 61% of Multiple Sclerosis Cases

New research shows that low levels of sunlight, coupled with glandular fever, could increase your risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS). This could be one reason that MS tends to be more common away from the equator.

The study suggested that low levels of sunlight could affect how your body responds to infection. Vitamin D deficiency could be another possible link.

BBC News reports:

“The researchers found that by just analyzing sunlight, they could explain 61 percent of the variation in the number of MS cases across England. However when they combined the effect of sunlight and glandular fever, 72 percent of the variation in MS cases could be explained.”

Remember, when the American Cancer Society, or dermatologists, tell you that you should be avoiding the sun at all costs, they are dead wrong.

I have been a renegade physician for over two decades now and when you are as far ahead of the conventional mode of thinking as I try to be, it takes five to 20 years for the “scientific” studies to confirm what I have been advising people to do all along.

I have seen this dozens of times now, and it is great when it occurs. Some of the more significant shifts that have occurred since I have been a renegade have been the widespread acceptance of vitamin D and omega-3 fats and the gradual recognition that the low fat diet approach is a disaster for most people as they typically replace fat with unhealthy carbs.

However there are some major battles that need to be won, like vaccine freedom, GMO elimination, and fluoride and mercury removal still have a ways to go before we see a major shift.

So let’s examine the recent research which validates another long held position I have had.

What is MS?…….

The Root Cause of Most Multiple Sclerosis Cases (Mercury)


As with cancer, orthodox medicine has no interest in curing Multiple Sclerosis. Curing any disease would cut into their profits and as we have seen with cancer, and many other diseases, cutting into their profits is not on the agenda of orthodox medicine. It is all about money.

What is critical for MS patients to understand is that to wait for orthodox medicine to find a cure for multiple sclerosis is a total and absolute waste of time. The only hope for an M.S. patient is to research natural medicine where there are many people with integrity.

Dr. Hal Huggins, a dentist in Colorado, has treated thousands of cases of MS. He has had a very high cure rate, as much as 85%!!

Why would a dentist be able to cure Multiple Sclerosis? Because dentists are a MAJOR CAUSE of multiple sclerosis!!

Dentists are very poorly trained in how to prevent infections when they do root canals. As a result, many root canals become infected and lead to a perpetual infection. In some cases these infections lead to breast cancer and in some cases they lead to Multiple Sclerosis.

Needless to say, most dentists do NOT know how to fix these cavitations!!

Read More

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Neurological Diseases; Also Raises Risk of Asthma Attacks, and More…

If there ever was a Top Nutrient competition, vitamin D just might nab the title. It affects your DNA through vitamin D receptors (VDRs) that bind to specific locations on the human genome.

So far, scientists have identified nearly 3,000 genes that are influenced by vitamin D status, and a robust and growing body of research clearly shows that vitamin D is critical for optimal health and disease prevention.

This includes some of the more difficult-to-treat conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease,1 Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis2 (MS).

Vitamin D Deficiency Is Prevalent in MS

If Taking a Vitamin D Supplement, Remember K2 and Magnesium Too

If you opt for a supplement, be sure to take vitamin D3—not synthetic D2—and take vitamin K2 and magnesium in conjunction with it. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, so taking some form of healthy fat with it will also help optimize absorption. The biological role of vitamin K2 is to help move calcium into the proper areas in your body, and without sufficient amounts, calcium may build up in areas such as your arteries and soft tissues. This can cause calcification that can lead to hardening of your arteries—a side effect previously thought to be caused by vitamin D toxicity. We now know that inappropriate calcification is actually due more to lack of K2 than simply too much vitamin D.

Magnesium is also important, both for the proper function of calcium, and for the activity of vitamin D as it converts vitamin D into its active form. Magnesium also activates enzyme activity that helps your body use the vitamin D. In fact, all enzymes that metabolize vitamin D require magnesium to work. As with vitamin D and K2, magnesium deficiency16 is also common, and if you’re lacking in magnesium and take supplemental calcium, you may exacerbate the situation.

Vitamin A, zinc, and boron are other important cofactors that interact with vitamin D, and indeed, zinc deficiency has also been identified as a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s disease. When taking supplements, it can be easy to create lopsided ratios, so getting these nutrients from an organic whole food diet and sensible sun exposure is generally your best bet. Dietary sources of magnesium include sea vegetables, such as kelp, dulse, and nori. Vegetables can also be a good source. As for supplements, magnesium citrate and magnesium threonate are among the best….

Prestigious Heart Surgeon’s Confession Reveals the Truth About Heart Disease : Waking Times

Not surprisingly, Lundell’s statement regarding the medical establishment’s approach to treating heart disease caused a ripple in the medical industry. It challenged the validity of statins – commonly known as cholesterol-lowering medications – such as Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, and others.

The reason Lundell’s statement created such a buzz is because statins are big business. In the United States alone, about 25% of the population takes statin medications. They cost from as little as $53 per month to more than $600. Pfizer’s Lipitor went on sale in 1997 and its lifetime sales have surpassed $125 billion. AstraZeneca’s Crestor was the top-selling statin in 2013, generating $5.2 billion in revenue that year alone. The statin industry is estimated at around $30 billion in sales per year. Nevertheless, in the United States, more die each year of heart disease than ever before.

Lundell went on to say:…………….

Home – The Cholesterol Truth

THE GREAT CHOLESTEROL CON! The REAL truth you’re not being told about cholesterol … and why taking cholesterol-lowering statins does your health much more harm than good… Big Pharma has made every effort to ensure that statin drugs are prescribed to everyone…….

“Statins – Are YOU Taking These Dangerous Cholesterol Drugs?”

By Dr. Mercola

Tens of millions of Americans are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs—mostly statins—and some “experts” claim that many millions more should be taking them. I couldn’t disagree more.

Statins are HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, that is, they act by blocking the enzyme in your liver that is responsible for making cholesterol (HMG-CoA reductase).

The fact that statin drugs cause side effects is well established—there are now 900 studies proving their adverse effects, which run the gamut from muscle problems to increased cancer risk. For starters, reported side effects include: ………….

Statin Drugs Linked To Thyroid Cancer In Women | TheSleuthJournal

Statin scam exposed: Cholesterol drugs cause rapid aging, brain damage and diabetes –

The average person believes all three of these things:
1) Cancer is caused by DNA damage,
2) Cancer researchers, such as at the American Cancer Society, are diligently looking for cures for cancer,
3) A cure for cancer is decades away.

The problem is that all three of these items are inventions of the media and are total nonsense.

First, the truth is that cancer is caused by microbes that are inside the cancer cells. These microbes were first identified in 1890 (not a typo) by William Russell. These microbes intercept glucose (which is what microbes love to eat), and with less glucose the cell cannot create as much ATP energy (adenosine triphosphate). Low ATP is the very definition of a cancer cell. A Nobel Prize was given for this discovery in 1931. It is hard to imagine any cell biologist who is dumb enough to think that DNA damage could create low ATP energy in millions of cancer patients worldwide.

Second, while we do not doubt that there are many very good people who work for the American Cancer Society, the truth is that the American Cancer Society was founded by the major owners of the pharmaceutical industry and the American Cancer Society will always be controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. A cure for cancer would cut into their profits and that is not acceptable to the super-rich who worship money and couldn’t care less about the lives or welfare of the “little people.”

If the American Cancer Society wanted to cure cancer all they would have to do is hire one of our researchers and within a week they would have more than a dozen cancer treatments, which are safe and inexpensive, that revert cancer cells into normal cells by safely killing the microbes inside the cancer cells.

Third, cancer was being cured in the 1930s by a microbiologist who invented a device to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and revert the cancer cells into normal cells. The American Medical Association (AMA) offered to buy him out but he refused because he knew they would shut him down. So the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came in and shut him down and destroyed his lab and his inventory. Fortunately, more than ten of his devices had already been sold and a few of them have been found. The technology has now been replicated and is mentioned on this website.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is nothing but a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. There is a revolving door between the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry.

Natural medicine researchers, such as those in the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF), use natural substances to safely and gently kill cancer cells and/or they use clever tricks to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells to revert the cancer cells into normal cells, which was first done in 1930. They also do several things to build the immune system.

The ICRF website and this website were created and have been maintained by natural medicine cancer researchers since about 2003.

So let us start at the beginning!!…..

Read More

The Cancer Industry is Too Prosperous to Allow a Cure

We have lost the war on cancer. At the beginning of the last century, one person in twenty would get cancer. In the 1940s it was one out of every sixteen people. In the 1970s it was one person out of ten. Today one person out of three gets cancer in the course of their life.

The cancer industry is probably the most prosperous business in the United States. In 2014, there will be an estimated 1,665,540 new cancer cases diagnosed and 585,720 cancer deaths in the US. $6 billion of tax-payer funds are cycled through various federal agencies for cancer research, such as the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The NCI states that the medical costs of cancer care are $125 billion, with a projected 39 percent increase to $173 billion by 2020. 

Chris Rock telling it like it is!





























“Ain’t no money in the cure, the money’s in the medicine…that’s how a drug dealer makes his money, on the comeback.”

Billions of dollars in donations collected but ZERO cures for anything – not even the common cold!

Why Doctors “Do Not Want to Find a Cure for Cancer”

Dr. Ronald Klatz states how cancer rates have increased dramatically since the ‘War on Cancer’ was started in the early 1970’s and that some might not really want a cure.

“Many people in high positions don’t really want to find a cure for cancer, because if they did, what would they do for a living?”

The Biggest Moneymaker Of All Time: Cancer, And Why The Profiteers Don’t Want A Cure

Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness

Ex-Pharma Sales Reps Speaks Out – Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness.

Gwen Olsen spent fifteen years as a pharmaceutical sales rep working for such healthcare giants as Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Abbott Laboratories. She enjoyed a successful, fast-paced career until several conscious-altering experiences began awakening her to the dangers lurking in every American medicine cabinet. Her most poignant lessons, however, came as both victim and survivor of life-threatening adverse drug reactions. After leaving pharmaceutical sales in 2000, Gwen worked in the natural foods industry first as an Account Manager for Nature’s Way, and then as a Regional Sales Manager for Gaia Herbs. She is currently a writer, speaker, and natural health consultant.

The United States health care system is killing Americans at an alarming rate, even though we spend over fifteen percent of the Gross National Product (GNP) on health care. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, our health care outcomes ranked only fifteenth among twenty-five industrialized nations worldwide. Adverse effects from prescription drugs have become the third-leading killer of Americans. Only heart disease and cancer claim more lives. We trust our doctors to inform us and our government to protect us from medical malfeasance that may put profits ahead of consumer health and safety. But the fine line walked by the FDA between the interests of the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the American public has continually been crossed. The result is the unleashing of an unprecedented number of lethal drugs on the U.S. market!

Gwen Olsen learned firsthand the danger that lurks in every American’s medicine cabinet, working in the pharmaceutical industry. But her most poignant education would come as a victim and, ultimately, as a survivor.

Visit Gwen’s Website at























































































This new film from award-winning documentary-maker Gary Null delivers irrefutable evidence as to why we have so few cures for killer diseases … and how pharmaceutical companies slaughter tens of thousands of Americans each year with impunity with deadly FDA-approved drugs.

See for yourself why clinical medical practice is advancing at a snail’s pace, while the federal government goes to extraordinary lengths to stamp out those who seek natural and more innovative approaches to disease prevention and treatment.

The war against our health has penetrated government, academia, and the media to such a degree that no sound-bite explanation will expose the magnitude of the problem we face. But this film does!

So do yourself a huge favor. View War on Health* here and now… because you need to know. Then Share it with your friends … because they do, too!

Unbelievable scam of cancer industry blown wide open: $100 billion a year spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses… National Cancer Institutes shocking admission affects millions of patients –

Is Cancer The Biggest Scam Of All Time?

Oncologists make huge profits by pushing chemotherapy drugs on gullible, frightened patients –

More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer To Make Money | Minds

Why shouldn’t Doctors lie when the entire cancer industry is one gigantic fabrication from start to finish? Is it any wonder that cancer societies worldwide put a far greater financial initiative on chemotherapy and radiation research than disease prevention techniques? Preventing disease doesn’t make money, but treating disease certainly does.

Cancer beaten without pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, radiology or chemotherapy. | Help save our kids future

Cancer is big business.

Cancer Makes Too Much Money to Cure

Pharmaceutical companies now among largest corporate criminals in the world: no better than white-collar drug dealers

Pulling Back the Curtain on the Organized Crime Ring That Is the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel

Effective and less expensive cures for cancer treatment are being suppressed.

Chemo has been proven to cause cancer and is rarely effective for most cancers.

There is no interest in truly finding cures as it is to profitable. Global sales for big Pharma globally amounts to over 1 Trillion dollars.

We have what is called managed medicine where illnesses are controlled from taking a constant supply of medication.


What If Chemotherapy Is Not “Therapeutic” At All?

chemotherapy drug bag

…… The problem is that conventional treatment with chemotherapy and radiation, and not the cancer to which it is being applied, is often the primary cause of the accelerated death of the patient.*

I often look up commonly used chemoagents by their material data safety sheet (MSDS) to ascertain just how toxic they are, and what I invariably find is quite disturbing. These MSDSs are federally mandated to be provided to the public by the manufacturers of chemicals and drugs to which the public will be exposed, either by accident or intention, e.g. prescribed chemicals. They contain toxicological risk assessments based on acute lethality in an animal model that reveal how dangerous these chemicals actually are. We know from these studies that chemotherapy drugs are acutely lethal to humans in the sub-gram dosage range and are often classified as carcinogenic.

Tamoxifen, for instance, a first-line treatment for breast cancer for well over 40 years, is classified by the World Health Organization and American Cancer Society as a human carcinogen. Or, 5-fluorauracil, one of the world’s best-selling oncology drugs is so toxic that, based on its MSDS LD50 (lethal dose for 50% of test animals) rating, when administered at a dosage equivalent to the weight of 3 pennies (approximately 7.5 grams), is deadly enough to kill 50% of the adult humans given it, within one dose.

– See more at:

3 0f 4 Cancer Doctors And Scientists Would Not Take Chemo 

Research using polls and questionnaires continue to show that 3 of every 4 doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy for themselves due to its devastating …

75% of the doctors refuse chemotherapy themselves

The great lack of trust is evident even amongst doctors. Polls and questionnaires show that three doctors out of four (75 per cent) would refuse any chemotherapy because of its ineffectiveness against the disease and its devastating effects on the entire human organism. This is what many doctors and scientists have to say about chemotherapy:


“Every Doctor Knows Chemotherapy Causes Cancer” Says Surgeon 

Dr. Day, an orthopedic surgeon, explains why she refused chemotherapy and radiation when diagnosed with cancer. Chemo and Radiation Actually Make Cancer…

Second Cancers Caused by Cancer Treatment *

Chemotherapy The cancer most often linked to chemotherapy (chemo) as the cause is acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).


CT Scan Radiation May Cause Cancer Decades Later, Study Finds … *

Radiation from computerized tomography scans may cause cancer decades later, according to a study that estimated about 29,000 future malignancies would ..

Radiation from CT scans causes 29,000 cancers a year, kills 14,500 Americans *

(NaturalNews) Computerized tomography (CT) medical scans cause at least 29,000 cases of cancer and 14,500 deaths in the United States every year, according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Kill Leukemia Naturally

Note: Just one CAT-scan, or one PET-scan is roughly equal to the exposure of 1,000 chest x-rays, or the atomic blast in Hiroshima or Nagasaki, Japan during World War II. You didn’t know that, did you?

Ninety-nine percent of the public doesn’t know this, and the medical industry doesn’t tell us. Estimates put the number at 29,000 new cancers are caused each year by CAT-scans alone.

Is Mandatory Pediatric Chemo Institutionalized Child Abuse?

Mandatory chemotherapy for your child. The concept is horrific. But it is not just a concept. It has already happened and is still happening, which is why I am writing this article. We need to sound the alarm about this disturbing trend that, despite recent mainstream media references to a case of court-coerced chemotherapy, is still largely going unnoticed and/or unrecognized for what it really is: a human rights violation of the worst kind. Moreover, as it involves our children who can not rightly advocate for themselves, we need to speak up and act on their behalf…..

Connecticut Teen Taken Away from Mother and Physically Forced to have Chemotherapy

Several local news media in Connecticut are reporting that a 17 year old girl who is refusing chemo therapy and seeking a second opinion has been taken into custody by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families and been physically forced to have chemo therapy against her desire. Cassandra’s mother, Jackie Forton, supported her daughter’s decision, and as a result of disagreeing with the doctors, lost custody of her daughter.

Mammograms cause breast cancer, groundbreaking new research … *

Mammograms cause breast cancer, groundbreaking new research declares … Because mammography causes the very disease it claims to “detect”.

Mamograms May Cause Cancer…and False Positives Cause Grief 

A study done in four Norwegian countries even showed an increase in breast cancer with mamograms: “Breast cancer rates increased significantly in four Norwegian counties after women there began getting…..

Reporter’s Dying Words ‘Mammograms Harm More People Than They Help’ | All About Breast Health

Obama wants free mamograms for all.

Gary Null, Ph.D multi-award winning Documentaries on health.


Mayo Clinic Finds Massive Fraud in Cancer Research 

The Mayo Clinic discovers that two famous cancer research studies were actually fabricated and manipulated.

Charitable Fundraising and the Cancer Factory **

Charitable Fundraising and the Cancer Factory. I used to give money to all the walks, runs, dance marathons, swimathons, bikeathons, etc. I used to believe that I was doing a good deed.

Unapproved but Effective Cancer Cures | Health Impact News

The conventional cancer treatment system and the pharmaceutical companies that control it are dedicated to limiting the development of all other forms of cancer treatment. They have a chokehold on the development of alternative treatments, and they ruthlessly work together with the US FDA and various US government cancer research funding agencies to prevent new treatments from being approved for use by physicians. The reason is that most alternative cancer treatments are much less expensive than surgery, radiation, and chemo. They are also more effective and have many fewer (if any) unwanted side effects. The great fear of the pharmaceutical industry, and the vast cancer treatment system that it controls, is that a non-patentable and inexpensive cure for cancer might put them out of business. Sadly, these organizations exist to turn a profit from cancer treatment, which is measured in the billions of dollars every year. They are in the business of treating cancer not curing it. Alternative treatments for cancer have a history of curing cancer and it is this fact that big pharma wants to hide from the American public. Historically, many successful approaches have been developed for curing cancer. We give a review of many of the most popular ones here.

Cancer The Forbidden Cures! – YouTube

Medical Doctor Reveals The First Thing to Do When Given a Cancer Diagnosis

Video Transcript: Medical Doctor Reveals the First Thing to Do When Given a Cancer Diagnosis

Ty Bollinger: If you were diagnosed with cancer, what direction would you head?

Dr. Murray Susser: I think it would depend on the cancer. But I would certainly do the basic stuff and really clean up my act.

Ty Bollinger: And no sugar, no sugar, no sugar.

Dr. Murray Susser: No sugar, no sugar, no sugar

Ty Bollinger: I like it.

Dr. Murray Susser: And I would get into a lot of good green vegetables like arugula and watercress.

I do that now anyway to some extent but I could do better.

Ty Bollinger: So a good cancer treatment is a good cancer prevention then

Dr. Murray Susser: Absolutely! And that’s one of the things that’s true about healthcare in general. When you’re doing natural things, the cure is also the maintenance and prevention. Whereas in conventional medicine with drugs and surgery the cure – if you get a cure it’s not the natural thing to do continuously.

Ty Bollinger: Right. Absolutely.



















What Kills Cancer Cells

Treat cancer with sodium bicarbonate – Dr Simoncini Sodium Bicarbonate Cancer Therapy

34 Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer | The Mind Unleashed

There’s still a lot of confusion across the nation about whether or not marijuana is effective for cancer patients. Odds are you’ve heard something about it but weren’t sure whether the information was reliable or definitive. So, in order to help clear things up, here is a list of 34 studies showing that marijuana cures cancer, categorized by the type of cancers being cured in each study.

As you sort through the articles, note that the consistent theme between them is that cannabis shrinks tumors and selectively targets cancer cells. As bills and voter initiatives to legalize medical marijuana spread from state to state, remember that we’re not just talking about mitigating the side effects of chemo (though this is another viable use), we’re talking about curing the cancer itself as well as preventing its spread. I’ve taken the liberty of only including articles from credible scientific journals, removing any biased or otherwise improperly cited studies. Enjoy!

Cannabis Cures Cancer and the Government Knows it:…/cannabis-cures-cancer-and-gov…

A Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer:…/molecular-biologist-explains-…

Recipe To Make Cannabis Oil For Chemo Alternative:…/recipe-make-cannabis-oil-chem…

68 studies on the efficiency of marijuana against cancer – Alchimia blog

In this post, we will list 68 studies on the marijuana…

 Ask yourself why the FDA approves a *poison* (arsenic) to be used in chicken feed & says that *mercury* in vaccines, tumor-causing GMO’s in our food supply, cow “pus” in milk, and tons of other internationally-banned chemicals are all *perfectly* fine, while they act like Vitamin B-17 (a *vitamin*) must be avoided like the plague.

VITAMIN B-17 IS BANNED BECAUSE IT CURES CANCER: The Food and Drug Administration, the American Cancer Society, and the American Medical Association have used every means at their disposal to prevent this story from being told. They have arrested citizens for holding public meetings to tell others of their convictions on this subject. They have confiscated films and books. They even have prosecuted doctors who apply these theories in the effort to save the lives of their own patients. The information you are about to read marshals the evidence that cancer is a nutritional-deficiency disease, like scurvy or pellagra. It is not caused by a bacterium, virus or mysterious toxin, but by the absence of a substance that modern man has removed from his diet. That substance is Vitamin B-17, also known as Amygdalin or Laetrile.



FOODS RICH IN VITAMIN B-17: Vitamin B17, or laetrile, is called the anti-cancer vitamin. It is an alternative treatment for cancer. Vitamin B17 works to reduce tumors and prevent metastasis or the spread of the cancer to other parts of the body. It kills cancer cells, strengthens the immune system and prevents cancer cells from developing in the future.

FOR ALL THE “CYANIDE” TROLLS: There is no “free” hydrogen cyanide in Laetrile. When Laetrile comes in contact with the enzyme beta-glucosidase, the Laetrile is broken down to form two molecules of glucose, one molecule of benzaldehyde and one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Within the body, the cancer cell-and only the cancer cell-contains that enzyme. The key word here is that the HCN must be FORMED. It is not floating around freely in the Laetrile and then released. It must be manufactured. The enzyme beta glucosidase, and only that enzyme, is capable of manufacturing the HCN from Laetrile. If there are no cancer cells in the body, there is no beta-glucosidase. If there is no beta-glucosidase, no HCN will be formed from the Laetrile/B-17.

VITAMIN B-17 AMAZON REVIEW: “I was told I had leukemia in July, 2011. I am 57 Yrs old, non-smoker, never sick. I went through 2 sets of Chemo. I had heard about B17 in the book “World without Cancer”, purchased through Amazon. The First Chemo showed no effect. I started taking 1000mg per day of B17, with multi vitamins. They give you nothing to counter the damage the chemo does to your system. The Second Chemo results were the same. No positive effect. They said more chemo would not help. Radiation therapy, I declined. So I was sent home with 3 weeks or more to live. My bone marrow was full of cancer cells and also in my blood system. This was Sept. 2011. I thought at the time that the B17 had at least helped with the side effects. I did feel very weak, could not taste food, had 2 bad rashes from anti-biotics. But I never got sick. I was sent home. Final arrangments were made, but slowly I started feeling better, wounds would heal and in November, I was doing small things around the house. In Dec. 2012 I was checked. They found nothing in my blood or bone marrow and was told I was in remission. I declined any more Chemo. This is Feb. 2012, and I am still short of breath, but can do minor things. I can’t prove how much the B17 had an effect on me, or how long I will be in remission. But I’m glad I ordered it. Maybe God’s will or God’s gift.” (97 of 99 people found the following review helpful)




























Bottom line. “We allow people to die for jobs and profit”. If I were to withhold food from someone and they starved to death, would that not be considered murder. If cures for cancer are being suppressed is that not murder as well? How many of you have had family or friends who have been allowed to die. When do you say enough? How can you still trust the medical system knowing all this?

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Seizes 8 Year Old Boy Because Mother Seeks Second OpinionTonya Brown is “just a mom who is in love with her kid,” adorable 8-year-old Christopher Reign. Because Tonya questioned a very risky, painful procedure for her son, Tonya reports that his doctor at Phoenix Children’s Hospital enlisted Child Protective Services to take him away from her custody. If the doctor has her way, Tonya could lose her beloved child forever in the upcoming hearings to permanently sever her parental rights later this month – all because a mother wanted to try less invasive options for her son before going to a treatment that carries sizable risks.

“The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination.”
– Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital.


Etymology of pHARMacy! PLEASE SHARE!

Etymologies are not definitions; they’re explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago.

Published Jun 28, 2015

#PHARMACY: from Greek pharmakeia “use of #drugs, #medicines, potions, or spells; #poisoning, #witchcraft,”

from pharmakeus (fem. pharmakis) “preparer of drugs, poisoner, sorcorer”

from pharmakon “drug, poison, philter, charm, spell, enchantment.” reference link below:

Online Etymology Dictionary​

pharmakós (Greek: φαρμακός) in Ancient Greek #religion was the RITUALISTIC #SACRIFICE OR EXILE OF A HUMAN SCAPEGOAT OR VICTIM.

A slave, a cripple or a #criminal was chosen and expelled from the community at times of disaster (#famine, invasion or #plague) or at times of calendrical #crisis. It was believed that this would bring about purification. On the first day of the Thargelia, a festival of Apollo at Athens, two men, the Pharmakoi, were led out as if to be #sacrificed as an expiation.


Vaccines: Who Is Right and Whose Right Is It? | Thrive

By Foster Gamble

When it comes to vaccines, either you agree to have your child (and/or yourself) injected with some amount of microorganisms and additives, or you don’t. How can caring parents wade through the deluge of conflicting opinions and information surrounding the issue to make the most responsible choice?

For years I have researched the hard facts on the effectiveness of vaccines, and over the past few weeks I organized my binders of information to address three main topics:

  1. Do vaccines prevent deadly diseases?
  2. How often do things “go wrong”?
  3. Do we have the right to choose whether or not to use them?

This blog is my attempt to empower our loved ones, and you, with key insights, perspectives, evidence and resources to go beyond the mis-and-disinformation that is currently dominating the media, guiding most public opinion, and making it difficult for caring people to make informed choices about an issue that matters so much……..

Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam | The Free Thought Project

Dr. Diane Harper was a leading expert responsible for the Phase II and Phase III safety and effectiveness studies which secured the approval of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil™ and Cervarix™.  Dr. Harper also authored many of the published, scholarly papers about the vaccines.  She is now the latest in a long string of experts who are pressing the red alert button on the devastating consequences and irrelevancy of these vaccines.  Dr. Harper made her surprising confession at the 4th International Converence on Vaccination which took place in Reston, Virginia.  Her speech, which was originally intended to promote the benefits of the vaccines, took a 180-degree turn when she chose instead to clean her conscience about the deadly vaccines so she “could sleep at night”.

HPV Vaccines Can Kill And They Do! – Vaccine Truth

At least 140 deaths caused by HPV vaccines have been reported to VAERS. Thousands of adverse events have been reported, yet this vaccine has not been banned.

Feds Sued for Secrets on HPV Vaccine Deaths | The Liberty Beacon

SHOT HURT ‘ROUND THE WORLD Feds sued for secrets on HPV vaccine deaths Other reported injuries include seizures, paralysis, blindness, memory loss….

Some Reasons Why I Won’t Get a Flu Shot

Christine Massey·Thursday, October 15, 2015

I don’t see the point in taking a toxic and experimental drug, never properly tested for safety or efficacy, in which the flu strains included are based on guesswork.

Also, I learned that, as Dr. Peter Doshi explained in his British Medical Journal review “Influenza: marketing vaccines by marketing disease” (BMJ 2013; 346:f3037):

“…even the ideal influenza vaccine, matched perfectly to circulating strains of wild influenza and capable of stopping all influenza viruses, can only deal with a small part of the ‘flu’ problem because most ‘flu’ appears to have nothing to do with influenza. Every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory specimens are tested across the US. Of those tested, on average 16% are found to be influenza positive… It’s no wonder so many people feel that ‘flu shots’ don’t work: for most flus, they can’t.”

And, that in “Are US flu death figures more PR than science?” (BMJ 2005; 331:1412), Dr. Doshi revealed that:

“[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001-61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”

I also heard about this:

Nurse’s Aide Awarded $11.6 Million for Being Paralyzed by Mandatory Flu Vaccine

And this:

Flu Vaccine is the most Dangerous Vaccine in the U. S. based on Settled Cases for Injuries

As well as,

the statement by heroic Health Canada whistle-blower, Dr. Shiv Chopra, Microbiologist, Vaccination Researcher & Specialist, Former Senior Scientific Advisor on Vaccinations for Health Canada, that in fact no vaccine have ever been proven safe.

And finally, that Dr. Chopra is calling for an international moratorium on all compulsory vaccines, based on basic facts regarding ‘Vaccines and the Basics of Biology’.

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits ‘locked in’ by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines…spurs tumor growth… explains aggressive vaccine push –

As Mike Adams recently reported, “A universal cancer cure would destroy the profitability of the highly lucrative cancer industry and collapse the American Cancer Society, hospitals, oncology clinics and pharmaceutical companies that depend on chemotherapy revenues to stay profitable.”

This means that anyone moving closer to developing a cure for cancer would be considered an extreme threat to the medical establishment and likely stopped at any cost.

With that in mind, the mysterious deaths and disappearances of several natural health doctors throughout Florida is as suspicious as it is concerning.

If anyone was close to finding a universal cure for cancer and would ensure the public had access to it, it would likely be natural health doctors, or naturopaths, as they’re less likely to prescribe drugs and more likely to try and heal the body naturally using holistic medicine and nontoxic approaches.

Breakthroughs using this type of medicine are extremely “controversial,” as they threaten everything that the medical-industrial complex stands for, i.e. costly chemotherapy treatments and cancer drugs.

Doctors leading this type of research are routinely raided and shut down by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), after which they’re treated like criminals and their reputations smeared.

This is typically orchestrated against doctors who are considered a threat by the medical establishment…………..




















Acclaimed nephrologist Suzanne Humphries wrote a book called Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History

She turned her back on a $300,000 salary to become a low-paid researcher, all because her integrity wouldn’t allow her to turn a blind eye to what she was seeing in her practice.

Suzanne spoke with Dr. Mercola to tell her story as well as what she discovered after years of careful and persistent research.

Dr. Humphries in a conversation with Mercola offers a blatant truth,

“We have a highly profitable, lucrative religion that involves the government, industry, and academia. That religion is vaccination. People believe in vaccines. They’ll tell you, they believe in vaccines. But you ask them what they know about vaccines and it will be almost nothing.

Medical schools are bereft of information on the history of vaccination, on the contents of them, and the potential problems.

Doctors are really being systematically brainwashed. Not only that, but if doctors do start to see problems… wake up to it; do their own research, and buck the system, they risk being treated the way I was. I was well respected through the entire state of Maine. People were referring their patients to me. My colleagues would come to me with their medical problems… But once I started to argue against the practice of vaccination, I was automatically tossed into the category of a quack…”

30 Scientific Studies Showing the Link between Vaccines and Autism

by  Lisa Joyce Goes
Facebook Notes

Cleaning out my files and I found this document compiled by my friend Ginger Taylor. 30 studies that show a link between vaccines and autism. 30. 30. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? What you hear on TV, from the CDC, the IOM, the AAP and the NIH is nothing more than eisegesis. You want to know the real kicker? There are 49, I couldn’t fit them all in the note character range (on Facebook).

Evidence that vaccines can cause autism

– See more at:























































Attorney demolishes Pro-Vaccine talking points: Suggests suing U.S. Federal Government & Big Pharma — Health & Wellness —

James Robert Deal, JD, a Washington state attorney realized that something has to be done in Washington State regarding the overbearing mandatory vaccine agenda. Deal prepared a report, which can be read here wherein he lists many of the “mea culpas” involved with regard to vaccines, vaccinology ‘science’, fraud and deceit, and apparent collusion between federal agencies and Big Pharma.

In Deal’s report he states:

It is lazy language to say that vaccines are “safe and effective”, because that implies that all vaccines are safe and effective for all people. In fact, some vaccines have done great harm. If you doubt this, read the findings of the Vaccine Court, which has paid out around $3.0 billion to children for adverse reactions which admits were caused by vaccines. Go to United States Court of Federal claims and search for “measles-mumps-rubella” or “influenza”. And read the package inserts that come with vaccine boxes. You may also read them online: Package Inserts. [1]

Personally, I feel it’s more than lazy language; it’s criminal since no vaccines have been tested for their abilities to cause cancer, birth defects, or interfere with reproduction or fertility! Furthermore, with all the animal viruses that have been found and acknowledged in vaccines over the years, which I talk about in my book Vaccination Voodoo, who knows what type of diseases are being spawned by vaccines given to children within 24 hours of birth?

Deal goes on to say,

The flu vaccine is big business, particularly the ones containing mercury. Some 300 million doses are sold, while only 20 million doses of all other vaccines are sold. In 1986 the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program made vaccine manufacturers immune from most liability, and in 2011 the Supreme Court twisted the plain language of the Vaccine Act to make vaccine manufacturers, hospitals, and physicians completely immune from absolutely ALL liability, reasoning that vaccines in general – using the language of the Court – are “unavoidably unsafe”. [1]

With overly dramatic increases in the rates of autism, ADD, ADHD, childhood diabetes, and other chronic “old-age-type” diseases for children since the ramp up of mandated vaccines, it is incumbent upon society to take federal and state agencies, plus Big Pharma and vaccine makers, to task and exercise the basic human right to self-preservation when faced with threats to our health, well-being and children.

This ought to get readers’ ‘juices’ riled up about vaccines:…..

UK Gov Shocking Admission: Swine Flu Vaccine Causes Brain Damage | Your News Wire

Posted on October 20, 2015 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Britain is being forced to compensate millions of pounds to victims of the swine flu vaccine who got brain damage as a direct result of the vaccination

60 families are being financially compensated, and many more are expected to come forward, as irrefutable evidence has emerged that the vaccination program has caused physical harm to some of those who received it.

Flu shot hoax admitted: “No controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza” – NaturalNews

Flu Vaccine Now Most Dangerous Vaccine, According To Documents

Stop the Lies- 30,000 people are NOT dying from the flu in the US each year!

Johns Hopkins Scientist Reveals Shocking Report on Flu Vaccines | Your News Wire

Scientist Peter Doshi from the John Hopkins School of Medicine has issued a SCATHING report on the dangers of flu vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) that completely demolishes the established ‘scientific’ theory that flu vaccinations are safe and effective.

……..Doshi’s concerns echo those of Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon and author of “The Blaylock Wellness Report” who has deep concerns over the safety and efficacy of the flu vaccine.

Not only is the vaccine not safe, Dr. Blaylock tells Newsmax Health, it doesn’t even work. “The vaccine is completely worthless, and the government knows it,” he says. “There are three reasons the government tells the elderly why they should get flu shots: secondary pneumonia, hospitalization, and death. Yet a study by the Cochrane group studied hundreds of thousands of people and found it offered zero protection for those three things in the general community. It offered people in nursing homes some immunity against the flu — at best one-third — but that was only if they picked the right vaccine.”

A study released in February found that the flu shot was only 9 percent effective in protecting seniors against the 2012-2013 season’s most virulent influenza bug…….

……….For most people, says Dr. Blaylock, flu vaccines don’t prevent the flu but actually increase the odds of getting it. The mercury contained in vaccines is such a strong immune depressant that a flu shot suppresses immunity for several weeks. “This makes people highly susceptible to catching the flu,” he says. “They may even think the vaccine gave them the flu, but that’s not true — it depressed their immune system and then they caught the flu.”

Mercury overstimulates the brain for several years, says Dr. Blaylock, and that activation is the cause of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. One study found that those who get the flu vaccine for three to five years increase their risk of Alzheimer’s disease 10-fold…………

Flu Vaccine Causes 5.5 Times More Respiratory Infections: Study

A True Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study

Would you be interested in a vaccination that results in more than 5 times as much illness? If you take the seasonal influenza vaccination, that’s what you’re doing. The seasonal trivalent flu vaccine results in 5.5 times more incidents of respiratory illness, according to a study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

The study is particularly noteworthy because it was a double-blind placebo-controlled trial—and the researchers used saline solution, a genuinely inactive placebo, as a stand in for the trivalent flu vaccine. Most vaccine trials utilize active placebos, which are substances that include ingredients used in the vaccines, making the studies meaningless—though this fact is almost never revealed in the writeups.

Flu Shot Contains 150 Times Hazardous Waste Limit for Mercury

As you can see in these pictures. there is 25mcg of mercury in each dose of this multi-dose vial of flu vaccine. That is 25,000 ppb (parts per billion). The unsafe level of mercury in drinking water is 2 ppb and the hazardous waste definition for mercury starts at 200 ppb. It gets better……

This picture is of a 5ml multi-dose vial and it says each 0.5 ml dose contains 25mcg of mercury so that means the entire vial contains 250 mcg of mercury or 250,000 ppb. Mercury sinks to the bottom of the vial and rarely separates so theoretically someone could get the full 250,000 ppb of mercury in one dose.

Remember that drinking water is judged undrinkable, because it could kill you, at 2 ppb. Have you even pondered to ask yourself why the second most toxic substance on the entire planet is inside a needle that you inject under your skin, in the first place? Why think when taking orders is easier. Moving with the crowd feels good, safe and secure. Why do what’s right, when you can do what’s easy. Just going along to get along. What could possibly go wrong?

Did I mention this injection below is for infants. Do you remember any stories of ancient cultures who used to sacrifice their children and you thought, “must have been an odd time back then, thank God we’re more evolved now.”

Hell is empty and the devils are here………William Shakespeare

Studies Show that Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease

Washington, D.C., Feb. 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Health officials are blaming unvaccinated children for the recent measles outbreak that started at Disneyland. However, with no blood tests proving the outbreak is from wild measles, the most likely source of the outbreak is a recently vaccinated individual, according to published science.

Scientific evidence demonstrates that individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards and infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.1,2 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Furthermore, vaccine recipients can carry diseases in the back of their throat and infect others while displaying no symptoms of a disease.11,12,13

“Numerous scientific studies indicate that children who receive a live virus vaccination can shed the disease and infect others for weeks or even months afterwards. Thus, parents who vaccinate their children can indeed put others at risk,” explains Leslie Manookian, documentary filmmaker and activist. Manookian’s award winning documentary, The Greater Good, aims to open a dialog about vaccine safety….






























Silent Epidemic, by award winning film director Gary Null, is the first documentary to investigate thoroughly the true medical record and the historical evidence about vaccine marvels. Conventional medicine has herald the invention of vaccines as a miracle of modern science. It claims that vaccines have been proven to prevent and eradicate infectious diseases. We are told that vaccines are safe and effective, and that “herd immunity” can be achieved if a high percentage of a population is vaccinated. However, does the science support these claims and what are the untold consequences?

Dr. Leonard Coldwell – Vaccines are used to Sterilize and Cull the Population…














Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines…
21 Jul 2009 … The PhD thesis was in Functional Brain Imaging and Neuro-Electrophysiology at the Univiversity of Toronto. I subsequently completed a … 2009/ 07/ 21/…/vaccinations-are-causing-impaired-bl…/

New Published Study Verifies Andrew Wakefield’s Research on Autism – Again (MMR Vaccine Causes Autism) | The Liberty Beacon…/new-published-study-veri…/


CDC Now Admits 1 in 50 School Children with Autism – Time to Stop Ignoring the Vaccine Connection

CDC Scientist Admits Destroying Evidence Linking Vaccines To Autism

Over 100 people gathered outside the CDC in Atlanta demanding transparency when it comes to vaccines. Is there anything to what these people are saying? How about the facts that no one else will share? This is a Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else.

Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed – Ben Swann’s Truth In Media

Believing vaccines are safe because Big Pharma says so is just as stupid as believing cigarettes are safe because Big Tobacco says so –

But there are no studies and no science to show vaccines are anything but safe and effective, right?

Scientists find new evidence on GSK vaccine link to narcolepsy

By Kate Kelland

LONDON, (Reuters) – Scientists investigating why a GlaxoSmithKline flu vaccine triggered narcolepsy in some people say they have the first solid evidence the rare sleep disorder may be a so-called “hit-and-run” autoimmune disease.

The researchers were trying to find out why, of two different flu vaccines widely deployed during the 2009/2010 swine flu pandemic, only one — GSK’s Pandemrix — was linked with a spike in cases of narcolepsy. ….

Doctors speak out: Vaccines dont work, but do cause brain damage and death

If Vaccines Don’t Cause Brain Damage, Why is GlaxoSmithKline Paying Out $63 Million To Vaccine Victims?

Click to access UCM101580.pdf

Feds Hiding Key Vaccine Facts

The feds have, without any explanation, removed data about court adjudications. Why would they do this? Because without this information, you can’t know all the people who are winning vaccine injury lawsuits………

The “science” should stand on its own merits. “Science” doesn’t need teams of industry lobbyists to make its case. Either vaccines are proven, safe and effective, or their not.

The fact that vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability doesn’t support their “proven, safe, effective” case very well.

Since January of 2014, twice as many vaccine injury victims have won court decisions than the previous eight years combined. More required vaccines, more vaccine injuries. Yet the government, vaccine companies, and doctors will all tell you it’s just coincidence.

Autism Increase Environmental Not Genetic – Says New Director of USA’s $30.5 Billion Health Research Budget

Autism In Amish Children – 1 in 10,000

Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics

Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines

Japanese & British Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism

Can  you imagine your baby crying as the doctor injects them 4,5, or even 6 times with toxic vaccines?

Your pediatrician wants to see your child at least 10 times before the age of 3. Why?

One main reason is to inject your child with vaccines.

As the vaccine schedule has become aggressive over the past 15 years, parents like you have started to become alarmed as to how many vaccines a doctor injects into your child. What is the solution the pharmaceutical industry came up with? Combination vaccines.

ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated – Every Last One of Them – Salem-News.Com

“The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination” – Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Have you been rushing out to get a yearly flu vaccine or diligently taking your children for the 40 or so mandated childhood vaccines?

That’s really a shame because you have unwittingly been trading a run-of-the-mill flu or just the measles, for loading up your or your children’s bodies with cancer and other deadly viruses, a destructive bacteria, a chemical selected to damage fertility, and with synthetic DNA that threatens to damage your own DNA – the biologic code for your existence.

Who is saying the vaccines are contaminated?

None other than the (now deceased) head of vaccines at Merck, Dr. Maurice Hillerman, who on camera admitted that Merck’s Hepatitis B vaccines, contaminated with a virus, caused the AIDS epidemic in the US.  He went on to say that all of Merck’s vaccines are contaminated with cancer and other viruses.  (The US government has conceded the HEB B vaccine causes Lupus. That vaccine is mandated for every infant in the US on the day of birth, and is associated with MS as well.)

Click on the photo below to read it


Vaccine Industry Watchdog Obtains CDC Documents That Show Statistically Significant Risks of Autism Associated with Vaccine Preservative Thimerosal

Biochemist Brian Hooker, scientific advisor to A Shot of Truth, reveals CDC knew of risks for over a decade.

For nearly ten years, Brian Hooker has been requesting documents that are kept under tight wraps by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). His more than 100 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have resulted in copious evidence that the vaccine preservative Thimerosal, which is still used in the flu shot that is administered to pregnant women and infants, can cause autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Dr. Hooker, a PhD scientist, worked with two members of Congress to craft the letter to the CDC that recently resulted in his obtaining long-awaited data from the CDC, the significance of which is historic. According to Hooker, the data on over 400,000 infants born between 1991 and 1997, which was analyzed by CDC epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten, MD, “proves unequivocally that in 2000, CDC officials were informed internally of the very high risk of autism, non-organic sleep disorder and speech disorder associated with Thimerosal exposure.”

Healthy Children & Adults Vaccinated with Flu Shot are Dying

Is There Thimerosal (Mercury) in the Flu Vaccine?


Why Are So Many Babies Dying After Their Two-Month Shots?

Yesterday when I signed in to facebook I saw this article in the feed:  Dead Babies and Stillbirths Reported to the FDA After Vaccination – Mothering Magazine.

I urge you to read the article from The Refusers.  The graphs and Dr. Rubin’s explanation of the data are very compelling.

If you prefer to go to the original source, here is the link to Dr. Rubin’s report at Mothering Magazine.

As the report shows, there has been a significant increase in infant deaths and miscarriages in the last few years, which the data indicates are strongly correlated with the addition of Gardasil and yearly flu vaccines to the CDC’s Recommended Immunization Schedule.














In the USA, 1 in every 50 children is now autistic. In this award-winning documentary, investigative film maker Gary Null looks at the causes of the autism epidemic and reports on children’s recovery from autism.

Visit for more information











At the end of the eighteenth century, British physician Edward Jenner, with highly questionable medical credentials, initiated the theory and practice of live virus immunization that continues to serve as the scientific basis for the ever increasing vaccination of the world’s citizens. With the number of vaccinations given to infants and children rising, kids are receiving doses of toxic mercury and other heavy metals well above environmental safety levels.

Yet the medical evidence is clear. Mercury, known as thimerosal, and other heavy metal additives are highly toxic and threaten children with neurological damage. The long-term efficacy of global vaccination remains controversial, inconclusive and is suspect in light of the powerful corporate interests, lobbying efforts, and profits associated with a multi-billion dollar vaccine industry..

In his documentary film Vaccine Nation, award-winning investigative film director Dr. Gary Null challenges the basic health claims by government health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly safe. This is one of the most critical questions facing today’s children and future generations to come. If inoculation with a large regimen of vaccines is safe, what can account for the rapid increase in autism and other mental disabilities that are now at epidemic proportions? And why isn’t the sudden onset of neurological illnesses in children being treated as an urgent crisis by our government and medical industries?

Weaving together interviews with many of the nations most expert medical researchers, private physicians specializing in autism, parents of children victimized by immunization, congressmen, vaccination activists, legal authorities and more, Vaccine Nation will awaken viewers to one of the continual perils to the health and future of children.

Vaccine Nation Directors Cut Gary Null – YouTube


Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us


Large study links autism to autoimmune disease in mothers

Why are peanut allergies on the rise? – Vox

A generation ago, peanut allergies seemed to be a rare occurrence. Today, they’re getting much more attention in the news — with stories popping up all the time of children with severe and life-threatening reactions to peanuts.

Peanut allergies affect 1% to 2% of children — and appear to be on the rise

So what’s going on here?

Peanut allergies are still relatively rare — affecting about 1 to 2 percent children in the United States. But some studies have indeed found evidence that the number of reported nut allergies is increasing over time.

That said, it’s tough to disentangle this from broader trends. Allergies on the whole have been increasing, says Wesley Burks, an allergy expert and chair of pediatrics at UNC School of Medicine. Peanut allergies seem, for the most part, to be part of this broader mysterious trend.

Meanwhile, scientists have recently done a surprising flip on what they think causes peanut allergies. Up until recently, many medical experts thought that exposure to peanuts in the womb or in early life was the trigger. Now, they’re not so sure and have some evidence that a lack of exposure to peanuts might cause allergies. Here’s a guide to what researchers know so far on the topic:

Peanut allergies are on the rise — but so are lots of allergies………..

Overuse of antibiotics is making kids fat, destroying gut flora and hindering child development, study suggests –

Vaccine And Autism Link Finally Confirmed In Science Journal

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

A new scientific study has verified for the first time, in peer-reviewed journals, that there is indeed a link between vaccine’s and autism.

Senior Pharmaceutical scientist Helen Ratajczak published an article titled “Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes–A review” in the Journal of Immunotoxicology. In it she describes “Documented causes of autism include genetic mutations and/or deletions, viral infections, and encephalitis following vaccination. Therefore, autism is the result of genetic defects and/or inflammation of the brain. reports:

The article goes on to discuss many potential vaccine-related culprits, including the increasing number of vaccines given in a short period of time. “What I have published is highly concentrated on hypersensitivity, Ratajczak told us in an interview, “the body’s immune system being thrown out of balance.”……









Test what you think you know about cancer and vaccines. Probably one of the most important videos you’ll ever watch.

Cancer risk associated with simian virus 40 contaminated polio vaccine.

Click on the photo see the info from the CDC website, regarding SV 40


Roll Up Your Sleeves Folks: 271 New Vaccines in Big Pharma’s

Gary Kohls is a retired physician from Duluth, MN, USA.

As of 2013, Big Pharma has had plans for the development of 271 new vaccines covering an array of diseases.  Into Whose Bodies Will They be Injected?

“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable…for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death.” – President Ronald Wilson Reagan, as he signed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, absolving drug companies from all medico-legal liability when children die, become chronically ill with vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders or are otherwise disabled from vaccine injuries. (That law has led directly to an expected reckless, liability-free development of scores of new, over-priced, potential block-buster vaccines, now numbering over 250. The question that must be asked of Big Medicine’s practitioners: How will the CDC, the AMA, the AAFP and the American Academy of Pediatrics fit any more potentially neurotoxic vaccines into the current well-baby over-vaccination schedule?)

PhRMA (the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America),  the pharmaceutical industry’s trade association and powerful lobbying group, says that …..

…….Parents and grandparents of children need to be aware of the fact that many of these new vaccines will be containing contaminants (such as unfilterable viral particles, bacterial particles, monkey kidney cell fragments, human fetal cells, squalene (in anthrax and some experimental swine flu vaccines), peanut oil (a likely cause of the epidemic of peanut allergies), formaldehyde and even foreign DNA fragments) as well as known neurotoxic additives such as formaldehyde and aluminum (and perhaps even mercury), all of which are known genetic toxins and known causes of  (sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle – but always preventable) brain damage, vaccine-induced epilepsy, autoimmune disorders, the so-called, but erroneously labeled “shaken baby syndrome” (now increasingly understood to represent a vaccine-induced encephalitis), SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), dementia, autism spectrum disorders, mitochondrial toxicity, damage to the brain’s microglial and astroglial cells (the brain’s immune system), etc. ……..

100 Research papers supporting Vaccine/Autism Causation







This feature length documentary about medical madness, cloaked in bioterrorism preparedness, will awaken the brain dead. It exposes health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for conducting a “War of Terror” that is killing millions of unwitting Americans.

It was produced by award-winning humanitarian, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a world-renowned authority in public health education, covert intelligence agency operations, and emerging diseases investigations. He is the author of three American bestsellers, including Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

This monumental film exposes the agents and agencies behind: Hollywood films and the media creating a profitable culture of bioterror; the “War on Terrorism” used to control populations; the most lucrative war in history—the “War on Cancer;” the onslaught of dozens of new immunological diseases and deadly flus; the “War on AIDS” triggered by contaminated vaccines; the anthrax mailings resulting in restricted freedoms, and sales of toxic drugs, deadly vaccines, and more.

Documents displayed in film may be viewed online at






In the absence of any objective medical tests to determine who has ADD or ADHD, doctors rely in part on standardized assessments and the impressions of teachers and guardians while the they administer leave little room for other causes or aggravating factors, such as diet, or environment. Hence, diagnosing a child or adolescent with ADD or ADHD is often the outcome, although no organic basis for either disease has yet to be clinically proven. Psychiatrists may then prescribe psychotropic drugs for the children without first without making it clear to parents that these medications can have severe side-effects including insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches, psychotic symptoms and even potentially fatal adverse reactions, such as cardiac arrhythmia. And yet, despite these dangers, many school systems actually work with government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children taken from the home unless they cooperate.

131 Ways for an Infant to Die: Vaccines and Sudden Death

Shaken Baby Syndrome or Death by Vaccine? Doctor Speaks Out…

by Christina England and Michael Innis, MD

More and more innocent men and women are being falsely accused of committing shaken baby syndrome and later jailed for murder after a vaccine injury has occurred.

Unfortunately, an alarming number of medical and law enforcement professionals are quick to accuse caregivers of shaking their infants so hard that they have caused them to suffer from shaken baby syndrome (SBS), defined by a triad of serious brain injuries that can also be attributed to vaccine adverse reactions.

Medical professionals are quick to dismiss adverse reactions to recently administered vaccinations, or never consider them to begin with, while parents and caregivers are automatically assumed to be guilty of horrendous abuse, including the murder of young children. However, if these children have been shaken so violently that it has caused them to suffer extensive brain injuries, then why have so many suffered no external injuries as a result of their assault?

We need to ask ourselves whether just shaking alone can cause these injuries or if there are alternative explanations as to why these injuries occur.

Darryl Elliott is one of many caregivers serving a life sentence for a crime that he did not commit.

A Brief Synopsis of Darryl’s Story…….

Screenshot from 2014-01-17 08:11:17

Our children are the most unhealthy generation ever. As people look through this information many will think, but these are all such small amounts. However they fail consider the combined dosage from all the sources, the cumulative amounts over a lifetime, nutritional deficiencies and finally the synergistic effect.

To understand how this is all possible all one has to do is look at the effects of

“Synergistic toxicity”

When there is an exposure to two or more toxins the “synergistic toxicity” refers to the toxicity level which is far greater than the toxicity levels of each individual toxin. A good example demonstrating ‘synergistic toxicity’ is a 1978 study on mice (Shubert et al. Combined Effects in Toxicology — A Rapid systematic Testing Procedure: Cadmium, Mercury & Lead. J. of Toxicology & Environmental Health 4:763, 1978). The study took the amount of mercury salt that kills 1 in 100 mice and 1/20th of the amount of lead salt that kills 1 in 100 mice. When these amounts of mercury salt and lead salt were administered, the synergistic toxicity of these two toxins killed 100 in 100 mice.

The new peer reviewed paper published in a recent issue of Molecular and Genetic Medicine (s1:025)(s1:2014) is supporting previous research in synergistic toxicity showing that different toxins are typically synergistic rather than additive in the human body. However when testing is performed on a toxicity of a substance, the ‘level of harm’ is set based on an assumption that the substance is the only toxin to which the body is being exposed.


“And combination of substances in toxicology can be greater than the sum of its parts. “With lead and mercury, for instance, a toxicity rating of 1 for each mercury and lead equals not 2, but 60 when combined.”—Hal Huggins

If pro vaccine people be-LIE-ve that vaccines protect them, why do they fear non vaccinated people. It is illogical to force it on those who chose not be vaccinated if you truly believe they work. It is like a woman who is pregnant or not pregnant. There is no such thing as a little bit pregnant. Either she is or she is not. Either vaccines work or don’t work. You chose to be-lie-ve they work and are safe, that is your choice, however you have no right imposing your will on those that don’t believe and have their evidence that shows otherwise. Stop living in fear and stop being bullies.

BECAUSE IT IS LISTED IN THE INSERTS: SIDS, seizures, eczema, allergies, autism, uncontrollable pain etc). Available to YOU on the web at


Red Alert for Nurses, Teachers and Government Employees

The Medical Mafia – Biblioteca Pléyades

Big-Pharma Industry – The Healthcare Rip-Off – Main File

The Deadly Industry of Psychiatry

Armed with these facts, isn’t it about time that we thought of our children and stopped vaccinating them until vaccinations have been proven to be safe and the CDC can openly admit that they are safe and effective, instead of the reverse? After all, as parents, we have a duty to protect our children and keep them safe.





December 7th 1994 Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Greensboro, N.C.,

Dr Willner (a medical doctor of 40 years experience) an outspoken whistleblower of the AIDS hoax.
In front of a gathering of about 30 alternative-medicine practitioners and several journalists, Willner stuck a needle in the finger of Andres, 27, a Fort Lauderdale student who says he has tested positive for HIV. Then, wincing, the 65-year-old doctor stuck himself. This an excellent and very revealing documentary about the medical system as a whole.






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