Environmental Toxins Linked to Rise in Autism

Studies show that brain disorders are the result of excessive environmental toxin exposure from different sources.

By Dr. Mercola

Three decades ago, when I was still in medical school, autism affected one in 10,000 children.1, 2 What changed between then and now to cause one in 50 children3 to become autistic?

Mounting research—not to mention plain logic—indicates that brain disorders are the result of excessive exposure to toxins from multiple sources—including the mother, while in utero. One 2005 study4 by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins.

Of these, 180 are known to cause cancer in humans or animals; 217 are toxic to your brain and nervous system; and 208 have been found to cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests. Clearly, nothing good can come from exposure to so many toxic compounds.

Genital Malformations and Autism—The Result of Overexposure to Toxins

A more recent study, published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology,5, 6, 7, 8 last month, found that every one percent increase in genital malformations in newborn males within a particular county was associated with a 283 percent increased rate in autism.

According to the researchers, genital malformations such as micropenis, undescended testicles, and hypospadias (when the urethra forms on the underside of the penis) are signs of exposure to harmful toxins. And the correlation between genital malformation and autism in turn offer strong support for the notion that autism is the result of parental overexposure to environmental toxins.

In all, 100 million American medical records were analyzed, and rates of genital malformations and autism were assessed by county……..

The Top 10 Toxins that are Poisoning Your Kids

ToxinsFrom BPA, MSG, pesticides, environmental chemicals, household cleaners, toxins in vaccines and prescription drugs, our children are exposed to a huge amount of toxic chemicals. Toxins are everywhere in our modern society. They are damaging your child’s health and causing disease. How can you get these chemicals out of your children’s bodies and protect them? The first step is to understand where they are coming from. Then you can eliminate them and incorporate a healthy lifestyle that naturally detoxes your child’s body…..

232 Toxic Chemicals found in 10 Babies

Number of Chemicals Known To Be Toxic To Children’s Brains Has Doubled In The Last 7 years

Will it soon be too late? Cancer expected to increase by 70% in the next 20 years according to WHO

Posted on February 17, 2014

Commentary by Dr. Olle Johansson, translated from Swedish: DEBATE. The World Health Organization [WHO] has released a bleak future forecast. The number of new cancer cases is expected to increase from 14 million to 25 million per year over the … Continue reading →

So Autism Has Risen Another 30% in two years to 1 in 68. Who Cares?

By Dr Bob Sears

……Growing up, I don’t remember meeting ANYONE with autism. During my years in medical school in the early 90’s I didn’t see a single case. When I started as a pediatrician in the late 90’s, I thought autism was Rainman. I then began to see the kids with autism come in for help. I saw maybe a few each year at first; then, one per month. Then, they started pouring in and I had to turn some away. I started seeing regressive autism in my own toddler patients whom I’d been seeing since birth. Now it’s 2014 and it’s still climbing. It’s becoming so common that I am thrilled when a whole week goes by without having the “I’m worried your toddler may be showing signs of autism” talk with a patient…….

MIT Researcher’s New Warning: At Today’s Rate, Half of All U.S. Children Will Be Autistic (by 2025) | AltHealthWorks.com

Research scientist Stephanie Seneff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a widely published author on topics ranging from Azlheimer’s Disease to autism and cardiovascular disease, raised plenty of eyebrows recently with a bold proclamation on autism at a special panel in Massachusetts about genetically modified organisms and other topics.

“At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic,”  Seneff said last Thursday in Groton, MA at an event sponsored by the holistic-focused Groton Wellness organization.


New Study Links GMOs To Cancer, Liver/Kidney Damage & Severe Hormonal Disruption

15 Jul 2014 … There is great news to report however, as this major GMO study has now … GM corn as well as the herbicide used on it increases cancer in rats.


Scientist Attacked for Proving GMO Dangers Wins Defamation Suit in French Court   REALfarmacy.com

GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush! Shocking photos reveal severe damage caused by GM soy and corn – NaturalNews.com








Genetically Modified DNA Transfers from Food to Human Blood

Genetically Modified Organisms – Foods and Others

Genetic Modified Organisms are organisms whose genetic material were modified in a way which is not found in nature under natural conditions of crossbreed or natural recombination.

The genetic Modified Organism must be a biological unit which is able to multiply itself or to transmit genetic material.

Brand New GMO Food Can Rewire Your Body – More Evil Coming

Species Alteration – Is GMO Rewiring our DNA?

New studies in cell research are bringing up some alarming new questions concerning GMOs, and one of them in particular makes liver failure or cancer seem like child’s play compared to the garish possibilities that arise when we start to look at how genetically modified foods likely affect our DNA.


Genetic Roulette on Vimeo





The leaders of Big Agriculture–Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta–are determined that world’s populations remain ignorant about the serious health and environmental risks of genetically modified crops and industrial agriculture. Deep layers of deception and corruption underlie both the science favoring GMOs and the corporations and governments supporting them.

This award-winning documentary, Seeds of Death, exposes the lies about GMOs and pulls back the curtains to witness our planet’s future if Big Agriculture’s new green revolution becomes our dominant food supply.

Move Over, Roundup: USDA Approves 2nd Generation GMOs That Can Withstand Even Deadlier Herbicide

Activist Post

The USDA has just approved a new generation of GMOs for use with more deadly herbicides than the toxic glyphosate that currently taints farms across America.

You won’t hear about this on the mainstream though – it was all done very quietly in the hopes that no one would notice.

Bayer has developed a soybean that can withstand applications of the toxin isoxaflutole (IFT).
IFT is classified as a probable human carcinogen.

That’s right – they KNOW that it causes cancer and they created a plant with which they can use it anyway. A plant that is meant to feed us or feed our livestock. They’re going to douse the fields with it and allow it to leach into groundwater and contaminate soil.

Monsanto: The Poison Expert That Wants to Feed Us

The hidden weed killer in your BREAD: Commercial wheat doused with cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide right before harvest… and you are eating it! – NaturalNews.com

Why the FDA’s Policy on Genetically Engineered Foods is Fraudulent and Illegal

Farmers are watering your food with fracking chemicals | Grist

A story in the Los Angeles Times raises disturbing questions about the practice of irrigating California farmland with the wastewater from fracking. Here’s what’s happening:

In the Kern County program, Chevron’s leftover water is mixed with walnut shells, a process the company says extracts excess oil. The water then flows to a series of treatment ponds. The treated water is launched into an eight-mile canal to the Cawelo Water District, where it is sometimes further diluted with fresh water. The water supplies 90 Kern County farmers with about half their annual irrigation water.

The program is a good deal for oil companies, which view the water as an expensive nuisance. And it’s a bargain for the water districts.

There’s a certain amount of WTF to all this — because we don’t even know what’s in this fracking waste, at least not until June 15. That’s when California’s fracking regulations kick in and force oil companies to disclose the chemicals they are using. I mean, maybe just wait to find that out before using it to water our cherries?

Here are the key points from the story:

Over the last two years, Scott Smith, chief scientist for the advocacy group Water Defense, collected samples of the treated irrigation water that the Cawelo Water District buys from Chevron. Laboratory analysis of those samples found compounds that are toxic to humans, including acetone and methylene chloride — powerful industrial solvents — along with oil.

They found methylene chloride aka dichloromethane at 56 parts per billion. The EPA’s safe drinking water level is 5 ppb.

Water Defense is an advocacy group, not a government regulator or an independent academic institution. Its job is not…..

California Farmers Using Fracking Water Bought From Oil Companies / Sputnik International

Farmers in Kern County, California, have been irrigating their crops with waste water supplied by oil companies in a move that’s leaving a bad taste in the mouths of environmentalists, who are calling it a pact with the devil.

Baby formula is loaded with GMOs – Avoid these brands

GMOs, Monsantos Round Up Found in Kelloggs Froot Loops | Natural Society

Independent DNA lab testing has verified that 100% of the corn in Kellogg’s Froot Loops is genetically modified corn, containing DNA sequences known to be present in insecticide producing Bt and Roundup Ready corn. The soy also contained DNA sequences known to be present in Roundup Ready GMO soy. What’s more, tests documented the presence of glyphosate at 0.12 mg/kg, the main chemical ingredient of Monsanto’s best-selling Roundup weedkiller.

Game-Changing Study: GMO Soy Accumulates Carcinogenic Formaldehyde

A groundbreaking new study reveals that GMO soy accumulates the carcinogenic chemical formaldehyde, calling into question its safety and the notion that GMOs are substantially equivalent to their conventional counterparts.

Doctors Confirm First Human Death Officially Caused by GMOs World News Daily Report

Madrid| Doctors of the Carlos III hospital confirmed this morning in a press conference, the first case of human death caused by the ingestion of genetically modified food. Juan Pedro Ramos died from anaphylaxis after eating some recently developed tomatoes containing fish genes, which provoked a violent and lethal allergic reaction. 


The Side Effects Of Eating That (Vaccinated) Farmed Fish – Healthy Holistic Living

During my years of research, I’ve come across all sorts of information, studies, and papers relating to animal vaccines, but this one sort of “takes the cake,” in my opinion. Farmed fish are vaccinated because, according to the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NSVS),

 Modern fish farming is highly industrialized and relies heavily upon effective vaccines to minimize losses caused by infectious diseases. [1]

Want to know how to vaccinate a fish? …….

Battle for humanity nearly lost: global food supply deliberately engineered to end life, not nourish it

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) After having now analyzed over 1,000 foods, superfoods, vitamins, junk foods and popular beverages for heavy metals and other substances at the Natural News Forensic Food Labs, I have arrived at a conclusion so alarming and urgent that it can only be stated bluntly.

Based on what I am seeing via atomic spectroscopy analysis of all the dietary substances people are consuming on a daily basis, I must now announce that the battle for humanity is nearly lost. The food supply appears to be intentionally designed to end human life rather than nourish it.

Life-destroying toxins intentionally engineered into the food supply….


Host Aaron Dykes interviews Jeffrey Smith about a Bertram Verhaag documentary, Scientists Under Attack: Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money, about GMOs and the need for the independence of science.



Why 80 Percent of People Worldwide Will Soon Stop Eating Wheat

The hidden weed killer in your BREAD: Commercial wheat doused with cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide right before harvest… and youre eating it! – NaturalNews.com

NEVER Eat Wheat: Here is Why – Exclusive Digestion Sessions Preview

The Dark Side of Wheat | eBook | GreenMedInfo | Natural Medicine

Monsantos zombie wheats case reveals serious legal vulnerabilities in business model – NaturalNews.com

“If you control food, you control the population.” Henry Kissinger


  Dr. Rima Laibow explains how your food is being destroyed and you are being poisoned.

Codex will result in the death of 3 BILLION PEOPLE.



The world as we once knew it is gone.  The rosy cheeked children, bursting with energy, that once climbed trees and got up to mischief, are extinct.  The people are still here, but they are pale, lethargic and slowly dying. 

Every bite of food provided to these people is the product of a laboratory – the genetically modified spawn of Big Agri and Big Pharma.  The food looks incredible – huge, radiant tomatoes such a vivid red that one would think the lycopene was virtually emanating from the skin of the fruit.  Inside that appealing package is a food-like substance, utterly raped of nutrients.

Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer Protection

Codex standards came into effect on December 31, 2009 and once initiated are completely irrevocable include [2]:

* All nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are to be considered toxins/poisons and are to be removed from all food because Codex prohibits the use of nutrients to “prevent, treat or cure any condition or disease”

* All food (including organic) is to be irradiated, removing all toxic nutrients from food (unless eaten locally and raw).

* Nutrients allowed will be limited to a Positive List developed by Codex which will include such beneficial nutrients like Fluoride (3.8 mg daily) developed from environmental waste. All other nutrients will be prohibited nationally and internationally to all Codex-compliant countries [2].

* All nutrients (e.g., CoQ10, Vitamins A, B, C, D, Zinc and Magnesium) that have any positive health impact on the body will be deemed illegal under Codex and are to be reduced to amounts negligible to humans’ health [3].

* You will not even be able to obtain these anywhere in the world even with a prescription.

* All advice on nutrition (including written online or journal articles or oral advice to a friend, family member or anyone) will be illegal. This includes naturalnews.com reports on vitamins and minerals and all nutritionist’s consultations.

* All dairy cows are to be treated with Monsanto’s recombinant bovine growth hormone.

* All animals used for food are to be treated with potent antibiotics and exogenous growth hormones.

* The reintroduction of deadly and carcinogenic organic pesticides that in 1991, 176 countries (including the U.S.) have banned worldwide including 7 of the 12 worst at the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pesticides (e.g., Hexachlorobenzene, Toxaphene, and Aldrin) will be allowed back into food at elevated levels [4].

* Dangerous and toxic levels (0.5 ppb) of aflotoxin in milk produced from moldy storage conditions of animal feed will be allowed. Aflotoxin is the second most potent (non-radiation) carcinogenic compound known to man.

* Mandatory use of growth hormones and antibiotics on all food herds, fish and flocks

* Worldwide implementation of unlabeled GMOs into crops, animals, fish and trees.

* Elevated levels of residue from pesticides and insecticides that are toxic to humans and animals.

Some examples of potential permissible safe levels of nutrients under Codex include [2]:

* Niacin – upper limits of 34 mcg daily (effective daily doses include 2000 to 3000 mcgs).

* Vitamin C – upper limits of 65 to 225 mcg daily (effective daily doses include 6000 to 10000 mcgs).

* Vitamin D – upper limits of 5 μg daily (effective daily doses include 6000 to 10000 μg).

* Vitamin E – upper limits of 15 IU of alpha tocopherol only per day, even though alpha tocopherol by itself has been implicated in cell damage and is toxic to the body (effective daily doses of mixed tocopherols include 10000 to 12000 IU).

The Door is Open for Codex

In 1995, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) created an illegal policy stating that international standards (i.e, Codex) would supersede U.S. laws governing all food even if these standards were incomplete [5]. Furthermore, in 2004 the U.S. passed the Central American Free Trade Agreement (illegal under U.S. law, but legal under international law) that requires the U.S. to conform to Codex in December of 2009 [6].

Once these standards are adopted there is no possible way to return to the standards of the old. Once Codex compliance begins in any area, as long as we remain a member of the WTO, it is totally irrevocable. These standards are then unable to be repealed, changed or altered in any way shape or form [1, 2, 7].

Population control for money is the easiest way to describe the new Codex which is run by the U.S. and controlled by Big Pharma and the like to reduce the population to a sustainable 500 million – a reduction of approximately 93 percent. The FAO and WHO have the audacity to estimate that by the introduction of just the vitamin and mineral guideline alone, at a minimum 3 billion deaths (1 billion from starvation and another 2 billion from preventable and degenerative diseases of under nutrition, e.g., cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes) will result.




Health freedom along with many other freedoms are disappearing in the United States and Canada. At the Law Loft, we disregarded every-thing already written about our current problems with health freedom and worked strictly from original documents to determine why our health freedoms and other freedoms are disappearing. We ultimately discovered that there is an international movement afoot aiming to destroy health freedom in every country on the planet. This movement does not begin at any particular parliament or congress. It appears to start on the drafting tables or conference tables of the transnational corporate board rooms.


In the health freedom movement, the organization at the moment which presents the greatest challenge to you is the Codex Alimentarius Commission which is a joint program of the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Codex’s history is extremely interesting because it is a kind of model for this type of transnational takeover. Codex seemed benign in the beginning, as most of these things do, because they seem to have no discernable forceful impact on regulations at home. That all changed with the adoption of NAFTA and GATT because each of those agreements contained within them Sanitary (Health) and Phytosanitary agreements. Suddenly the harmless old Codex became enforceable. Nowadays Codex guidelines carry a lot of weight because they are enforceable through the World Trade Organization,

Codex Alimentarius Commission – A Threat to Humankind

Hippocrates also said:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

But if your food is being destroyed, the result will be:

Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO) which is popular computing slang for “if you input the wrong data, the results will also be wrong.”

We can apply that to food. If our food is garbage (lacking in vitamins and nutrition), then your body will not be able to function properly and you will have poor physical and mental health and will most likely die prematurely. It is only logical, that this will be the only end result.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Malnutrition or malnourishment is a condition that results from eating a diet in which nutrients are either not enough or are too much such that the diet causes health problems.[1][2] It may involve calories, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals.[2] Not enough nutrients is called undernutrition or undernourishment while too much is called overnutrition.[3] Malnutrition is often used specifically to refer to undernutrition where there is not enough calories, protein, or micronutrients.[3][4] If undernutrition occurs during pregnancy, or before two years of age, it may result in permanent problems with physical and mental development.[2] Extreme undernourishment, known as starvation, may have symptoms that include: a short height, thin body, very poor energy levels, and swollen legs and abdomen.[2][3] People also often get infections and are frequently cold. The symptoms of micronutrient deficiencies depend on the micronutrient that is lacking.[3]

Nutritional Deficiencies (Malnutrition)

Malnutrition | Health24

Malnutrition is a wide spectrum of symptoms caused by inadequate intake of nutrients.


Malnutrition is a wide spectrum of symptoms caused by an inadequate intake of nutrients.

  • Malnutrition in children (primary malnutrition) is caused by lack of dietary energy, protein and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals); malnutrition in adults (secondary malnutrition) may be caused by diseases or conditions that interfere with nutrient intake or their use by the body, as well as an inadequate diet either due to poverty or lack of food security, or the use of inappropriate diets (slimming, anorexia, orthorexia, etc).
  • Malnutrition may involve stunting of growth, marasmus and kwashiorkor in infants and young children, while adults may exhibit deficiencies of some, or most nutrients, depending on the cause of malnutrition.

Hunger and Malnutrition

We all feel hungry at times. Hunger is the way the body signals that it needs to eat. Once we’re able to eat enough food to satisfy our body’s needs, we stop being hungry. Teens can feel hungry a lot because their rapidly growing and developing bodies demand extra food.

People with malnutrition lack the nutrients necessary for their bodies to grow and stay healthy. Someone can be malnourished for a long or short period of time, and the condition may be mild or severe. Malnutrition can affect someone’s physical and mental health. People who are suffering from malnutrition are more likely to get sick; in very severe cases, they may even die from its effects.

Kids who are chronically malnourished don’t grow as tall as they should (a condition referred to as stunted growth) and are underweight as well.

What Causes Hunger and Malnutrition?

People suffer from hunger because they don’t get enough food, and not getting enough food over the long term can lead to malnutrition. But someone can become malnourished for reasons that have nothing to do with hunger.

People who have plenty to eat may still be malnourished if they don’t eat food that provides the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Micronutrient Malnutrition

What is micronutrient deficiency?

Micronutrient deficiency is a lack of essential vitamins and minerals required in small amounts by the body for proper growth and development. Micronutrients include, but are not limited to:…..

Food Irradiation Will Be Used To Mask Filthy Slaughtering and Food Processing Practices

Food irradiation dose limit would be removed, health and safety regulations discarded under new plan, substandard food could be “treated” with high-dose radiation in unlicensed and dirty facilities.

A proposed international food irradiation standard winding its way through legal channels in Europe could jeopardize the quality and safety of food sold to United States consumers.

Under an international plan endorsed March 16, virtually every assurance that irradiated food will be of good quality, be handled by trained workers, and be processed under safe and clean conditions in government-inspected facilities would disappear. The proposal also would remove the international dose limit for food irradiation.

The proposal was endorsed in The Hague, Netherlands, by the Codex Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants (CCFAC), which advises the Codex Alimentarius (“Food Code”) Commission. Operating under the auspices of the United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO), the Codex sets global food safety standards for more than 160 nations, representing about 97 percent of the world’s population. The United States is one of the 160 nations.

This proposal confirms that irradiation will be used to mask filthy slaughtering and food processing practices,” said Wenonah Hauter, director of the Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program. “These antiquated ideas set back food safety more than 100 years, to a time when people routinely died from eating contaminated food. It is an outrage to the highest order. People throughout the world have cause for great worry.”……

……One chemical that is a byproduct of the irradiation process, called 2-DCB, was found in 1998 to cause cellular and genetic damage in human and rat cells…………….

Updated excerpt from

Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom

Brandon Turbeville

Activist Post

I have written several articles dealing with the risk assessment methods used by Codex Alimentarius in order to water down the levels of nutrition available in vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as the potential removal of many supplements from the market entirely. All of this is of vital importance. However, Codex Alimentarius Guidelines are relevant to many more issues than just vitamins and minerals. One of these issues has to do with food irradiation.

Clearly a threat to public health, irradiated foods are not safe for human consumption and contribute to a host of health problems such as cancer and birth defects. Irradiation also causes genetic damage to cells.[1] One of the reasons for this is the fact that irradiated food is exposed to gamma rays of radioactive material or electron beams causing chemical changes in the food.

Essentially, the food becomes mutated by this exposure, a condition which does not occur in nature, and is the cause for many forms of cancer and genetic modification.[2] Yet, Codex pushes irradiation as if it were a great tool of disinfection with no adverse side effects at all.  

Indeed, prior to the easing of restrictions on food irradiation by Codex, the United States had been irradiating food at an alarming rate. The process began in 1963 when wheat flour became the first food allowed to be irradiated. In 1964, white potatoes were added to the list and the process continued until the present day. In 2011, almost the entirety of the food supply is eligible for irradiation.

It should be noted that under current US law, organic food cannot be irradiated. However, that is not the case with Codex standards, as there is no categorization of what foods can and cannot be “treated” with radiation………….

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Many in the Scientific Community Are Opposed to Irradiation

The Dangers of Irradiation Facilities

This is what the government in Canada is telling you. Can you be-LIE-ve this stuff

Food Irradiation | Canadian Meat Council – Good for you. Good for Canada.

In many countries around the world, including Canada, food is irradiated to provide the same advantages as those benefits that result from the application of heat, refrigeration, freezing or treatment with chemicals. Like irradiation, these processes destroy insects, fungi or bacteria that cause food to spoil or result in food borne illnesses in humans. Irradiation also allows food to be retained in better condition and for longer periods in the distribution channel and in homes.

Food Irradiation

Food irradiation is known as a cold process. It does not significantly increase the temperature or change the physical or sensory characteristics of most foods. Fresh or frozen meat can be irradiated without cooking it.

During irradiation, the energy waves affect unwanted organisms, but are not retained in the food and the food does not become radioactive.  Irradiation is radiant energy which disappears when the energy source is removed.  This result is similar to food cooked in a microwave oven.

Why We Should All Get Rid of Our Microwave Ovens


microwave hellMaybe you’re so used to the convenience of microwave ovens you don’t care about the trade-off: Higher risk of cancer and the long term effects of malnutrition.
What if I told you there’s been mounting science based evidence, strong evidence, that it’s time to ditch all use of microwave ovens. Would you think the suggestion absurd or stop cold turkey and suffer from convenience withdrawal?

Are you among the 68 percent?

The fact that modern mainstream medicine can’t fathom a connection with microwaved foods to cancer is explained simply: Orthodox medicine thinks nutrition and diet have nothing to do with disease. It’s focused on germs and genes. Check out hospital food as a partial confirmation of this philosophy.

Most mainstream MDs may agree that direct contact with microwave radiation causes health problems. But they can’t make the cancer causing connection to the food from microwave ovens.

Hans Hertel, a Swiss researcher conducted his own study on the consequences of microwaving on food and how that mutant food from microwave cooking provides carcinogens and destroys the nutritional value.

The Independent Swiss Study on Microwave Ovens’ Effect on Humans Through Foods Nuked……..

So think about this. “If nutrition is now considered to be a TOXIN/POISON and will be irradiated OUT of the food supply we will become ill and die prematurely as a result of MALNUTRITION.” Wrap your mind around that one. This is part of the codex trade law that came into affect in 2009, so this is happening NOW.

Research Shows that Nutrition, Not Medication, Improves Mental Health | World Truth.TV

In this critically important talk, clinical psychologist Julia Rucklidge explores a range of scientific research, including her own, showing the significant role played by nutrition in mental health or illness.

Cheerios: The Awful Truth About America’s Favorite Cereal

Trisodium phosphate

One of the ingredients Cheerios are made from is a chemical called Trisodium phosphate. Have you ever heard of this ingredient?  According to Wikipedia, Trisodium phosphate was found to be ecologically damaging. It is still being sold and used in the USA as a cleaning agent, enema (laxative) and food additive. Toilet bowl tablets use this ingredient in most brands on the market. It also used for many other cleaning purposes, from cleaning your driveway to washing your clothing. If that’s not scary enough, Trisodium phosphate isn’t recommended for cleaning your house. It is known to stain the metal of your faucets and even damage the grout around your tile…….

Most of us trust what they put in our food is safe, but that is not true. After reading an article about an industrial cleaner being added in cereals, I investigated myself and this is what I found. The picture below is the cleaner in question . It is called Trisodium Phosphate. It can be found at most hardware stores and is used for cleaning walls, driveways and more.


This is a picture I took of a cereal box from the company mentioned above and I found that it was in all their cereals listed in the ingredients. 10th line down.


I have to ask. How can anyone rationalize that putting this in food and thinking that it must be OK if they to do it.

Below is a link to online to medical information.

Trisodium phosphate poisoning: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Dude, That Isn’t Wax On Your Apple! | REALITY BLOG

Fancy yourself a vegetarian or vegan?

Think that the label that says “organically grown” has anything to do with the packaging, storage, and transport of that product to stores?

What if I told you that cow, pig, and chicken collagen is now used in place of wax on your fruits and vegetables, among many other  things much worse than you can probably imagine?

And what if then I told you, as with most atrocities that happen now-a-days, that this is all approved by the FDA…

Since the early 12th century, there has been a tradition of applying wax onto the skins of fruits and vegetables for longer storage life. Today, that tradition is being carried on with a whole new generation of chemicals and compounds that are genetically designed to accomplish the same goal. But in these modern times, the health and well-being of the consumer of that apple is not necessarily the goal of this unnatural, inorganic process.

Bottom line… your produce is being dipped and sprayed with an experimental host of holy horrors in the name of “food safety” and longer shelf-life. Prepare yourself to be shocked and amazed that our Federal agency that is designed to protect us, the Food and Drug Administration, is allowing these dangerous and unhealthy practices to be perpetrated on an unwitting public, all in the name of profits……

Mainstream media confesses that Western diets put people in a state of disease

The truth can no longer be ignored. CNN is now coming out and admitting that Western diets are a main cause of disease. Ian Myles from the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases describes a Western diet as “overconsumption of over-refined sugars, highly refined and saturated fats, animal protein and a reduced intake of plant-based fibers.”

As urbanization takes hold of the population, there is less physical activity and a greater acceptance of the sweet and greasy Western diet. David Tilman, a professor of Ecology at the University of Minnesota, says, “People around the world, as incomes go up, choose more calories and meat in their diet.” He says that there is a “nutrition transition occurring around the world.” These high-calorie diets provide a false feeling of good sense while silently stifling the quality of people’s lives.

“We have a whole new group of people who are malnourished because they eat foods that are no good for them, that have no nutritional benefit,” says Tilman.

10 Worst Food Companies that are Poisoning You Daily and Lying About It

The Top 10 Toxins that are Poisoning Your KidsREALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information

Surprising & Simple Tips To Keep Your Child Healthy In A Toxic World | Collective-Evolution

Food Allergies: The Fifth Leading Chronic Illness in US

Why Are Allergies on the Rise?

One of the primary hidden contributing factors to allergies is the food you eat, and I am not talking about food allergies. If you eat poor-quality foods, especially ones that cause insulin/leptin resistance, you will increase your risk of allergies.

When you’re allergic to a substance, your immune system mistakenly believes it is dangerous and produces immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in an attempt to neutralize it. Chemicals such as histamine released into your bloodstream during this process can lead to a battery of symptoms any time you eat the food (although symptoms may not appear until hours later).

What’s behind this immune system dysfunction is still being explored, although a leading theory is the hygiene hypothesis. A child raised in an environment devoid of dirt and germs, and who is given antibiotics that kill off all of the bacteria in his gut, is not able to build up natural resistance to disease, and becomes vulnerable to illnesses later in life.

This is likely one reason why many allergies and immune system diseases have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled in the last few decades. Low levels of vitamin D have also been associated with an increased risk of food allergies,4 while some theorize that food additives, genetic modification, hormones, and herbicides added to foods may be triggering some cases.

Genetic engineering, for instance, can increase existing allergens, or produce new, unknown allergens. Both appear to have happened in genetically modified (GM) soy, which is found in the majority of processed foods.

At the same time, more children are being born and raised with severely damaged gut flora, which is largely the product of poor diet and antibiotics overuse, leading to Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), as I’ll explain shortly.

Allergies Are Everywhere and Cluster in Groups…

NIH Protects Sugar Industry Over Children’s Teeth

The government has gone to great lengths to downplay the connection between sugar and tooth decay. The result has been more profits for the sugar industry and more cavities for kids.


Sugar should not be in the top five ingredients of any foods your purchasing. Refined sugar consumption damages health much more than we realize. It suppresses immunity and causes weight gain.

Research has linked sugar consumption to numerous health conditions, including:

• Premature aging
• Various cancers — breast, ovary, prostate, rectum, etc.
• Diabetes
• Digestive problems, including chronic indigestion
• Fatigue and low energy
• Heart disease
• Hyperactivity and concentration problems
• Loss of muscle mass
• Nutritional deficiencies, including decreased ability to absorb calcium and magnesium
• Osteoporosis
• Tooth decay and gum disease
• Yeast infections

Sugary Drinks Kill 184,000 People a Year, Study Says

Sugar — The White Death – The Truth About Cancer

Sugar poisoning racket

We’ve heard about the dangers of eating too much fat or salt. But there has never been a warning about sugar on our food labels – despite emerging research that suggests the sweet stuff is making more of us fat and sick.


Why We’re All Deficient In Magnesium, The Many Signs & What To Do | Collective-Evolution

The Epidemic Of Magnesium Deficiency – Metabolic Healing

One of the most essential electrolyte minerals is one that is increasingly deficient among people today.

Magnesium Deficiency in Diabetes Type 2

Magnesium deficiency is strongly linked to diabetes and metabolic syndrome. It is often that many type 2 diabetics are in an potoveractive sympathetic-dominant state. Excess sympathetic nervous system activity results in elevated glucose, elevated blood pressure and increased blood volume. Magnesium inhibits sympathetic nervous system output. Magnesium deficiency moves potassium out of cells. Bad news if you are a diabetic or a cardiovascular patient.

Magnesium moves potassium into cells. Cells need roughly 14 times the amount of potassium inside of cells than sodium.

THE MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY EPIDEMIC – Chronic Fatigue and Nutrition | Chronic Fatigue and Nutrition

Why do we care if we are magnesium deficient? And how deficient do we have to be to start caring?! So what if we tend to have one bad habit that will deplete us of magnesium? Should we be waiting and looking for a specific condition or symptom(s) associated with magnesium deficiency before we do something? The purpose of these articles on magnesium is to wake us up to the significance that magnesium plays in our health. It gives us energy, prevents bone loss, osteoporosis, helps balance our hormones, and helps us with sugar metabolism issues. It helps us excrete heavy metals and other toxins. Most significantly, we hope this article wakes us up to magnesium’s key role in improving more common conditions that plague us that we take for granted as incurable or un-improvable, and lead us to the need to take blood pressure medications and osteoporosis medications in some cases and in other cases keep us drug dependent for lack of any other hope. We can even avoid premature death, if we pay attention to magnesium!

We suggest that you read the entire set of articles here on magnesium,….

Magnesium Deficiency: The “Silent Epidemic” – ArticleMagnesium.pdf

There’s something lurking in the water. Be afraid, be very afraid

Shiv Chopra  An expert scientist at Health Canada has even published a book after he was given the chop by Health Canada because he wouldn’t go along with the flow.  His book is titled  Corrupt to the Core   Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower – in the forwards of the book one Vandana Shiva  Environmental Activist in India states that

“The cancer of corporate corruption of science and safety regulations is becoming a major threat to the planet’s health and to public health. 

Corrupt to the Core

By Dr. Shiv Chopra

Dr. Shiv Chopra’ s name has become synonymous with food safety. Dr. Chopra and some of his fellow scientists waged many battles over many years against a succession of Canadian federal ministries of health—theft employer.

With full support of The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada—a 50,000 member union of scientific and professional public service employees, Dr. Chopra and his colleagues refused to approve various harmful drugs to be used in meat and milk production. Despite the political pressures to do otherwise, and holding fast to sound science, they did better than the gambles that a series of prime ministers and health ministers played with public safety.

Time and again the federal courts supported Dr. Chopra and his fellow scientists and ruled against government attempts to shut them up. Also, time and again the government overruled Dr. Shiv Chopra’ s name has become synonymous with food safety. Dr. Chopra and some of his fellow scientists waged many battles over many years against a succession of Canadian federal ministries of health—theft employer. With full support of The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada—a 50,000 member union of scientific and professional public service employees, Dr. Chopra and his colleagues refused to approve various harmful drugs to be used in meat and milk production. Despite the political pressures to do otherwise, and holding fast to sound science, they did better than the gambles that a series of prime ministers and health ministers played with public safety. Time and again the federal courts supported Dr. Chopra and his fellow scientists and ruled against government attempts to shut them up. Also, time and again the government overruled.

Here is the full account of how government corruption endangers the public food supply and how Dr. Chopra and his colleagues fearlessly continue to “to speak truth to power.” Here is also the story of how the elected representatives in both Canada and USA are more interested in protecting industrial profits and trade, instead of the public’s health. The stories told here for the first time include products like Revalor-H, Baytril, Bovine Growth Hormone, Silicon Breast Implants, and slaughterhouse waste to cause the biggest ruin of health safety—Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or “mad-cow disease.”

Shiv Chopra on Fluoride et al  with Professor Paul Connett    This is a 22 minute audio


The World’s Oldest and Best Know Peer Reviewed Medical Journal “The Lancet” Officially Classifies FLUORIDE as a NEUROTOXIN.

Screenshot from 2014-05-01 00:42:26

Fluoride Action Network | Fluoride & Intelligence: The 39 Studies

In Dr. Dean Burk’s own words; “this amounts to public murder on a grand scale, it is a public crime, it would be, to put fluoride in the drinking water of people”. http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/…/cancer-deaths-linked-…

“In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical.”–Dean Burk – Congressional Record 21 July 1976

“I know of absolutely no, and I mean absolutely no means of prevention that would save so many lives as simply to stop fluoridation, or don’t start it where it is otherwise going to be started. There you might save 30,000 or 40,000 or 50,000 lives a year, cancer lives. That is an awful lot of lives a year.” Dr. Dean Burk Ph.D. (34 years at the National Cancer Institute). Judicial hearing, January 14, 1982.Safe Water Foundation vs. City of Houston, District Court of Texas, Harris County, 151st Judicial District, 80-52271

 Consumer Health Articles: FLUORIDE, THE SILENT KILLER

What you may not realize is that the product used for water fluoridation is a chemical so toxic that it is illegal to dispose of it ANYWHERE in the environment, but it is OK to put it in your water.

Dr. William Hirzy, USA Senior Environmental Protection Agency Chemist states:
If this stuff [silicofluoride =(Hydrofluorosilisic acid)] gets out into the air, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the river, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the lake, it’s a pollutant; but if it goes straight into your drinking water system, it’s not a pollutant. That’s amazing!”

The specific fluoride chemical used to fluoridate your drinking water is: hydrofluorosilicic acid ( HSFA ).


Hydrofluosilicic acid is the most corrosive chemical agent known to man. (http://www.sonic.net/%7Ekryptox/environ/toxidump.htm). It is an unpurified industrial (toxic waste) by-product ( http://cof-cof.ca/hydrofluorosilicic ) that comes from the wet scrubbers of the smoke stacks of the phosphate fertilizer & aluminum industry? Due to the lack of processing, this chemical is known to contain a number of toxic substances in its fluid mix such as FLUORIDE (20 to 30%), LEAD, ARSENIC, MERCURY, and it usually contains any or all of the following substances as well: cadmium, selenium, radium, radon, polonium, radioactive uranium 238, chromium and phosphorus.

It is classified as:

“dangerous good” by Transport Canada, “hazardous substance” by Environment Canada, “persistent, bio-accumulative & toxic” by Canadian Environmental Protection Act a “class one hazardous waste” by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is tanked untreated and shipped to municipalities as a “fluoridating agent”

That’s in every glass of water that you drink. Is this really a healthy drink? I don’t think so!


How dangerous is it. It has the ability to burn flesh to the bone, destroy eyes, and sear lungs so that victims drown in their own body fluid.

Watch this 2 minutes news clip.

Water A Toxic Dump?

by George Glasser
Reprinted with permission from the Sarasota ECO Report, Vol. 4:12, December, 1994

Hydrofluosilicic acid is the most corrosive chemical agent known to man: it is derived from toxic gases produced in the manufacture of phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers; it contains lead, mercury, arsenic, and high concentrations of radionucleides; it is also the chemical agent most used for water fluoridation in the United States.

Because the industrial grade fluosilicic acid is a toxic waste by-product recovered from chimney pollution scrubbers (“scrubber liquor”), the volume of contaminants is profoundly influenced by the method of manufacture and the quality of raw materials used.

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) regulates the amount of fluoride in the water supply, either ambient (organic calcium fluoride) or artificial fluoride (inorganic fluosilicic acid, sodium fluoride, etc.). EPA/SDWA regulations require artificially fluoridated water supplies to be monitored daily with ion selective electrodes, calorimetric (hydrogen titration), or complexion tests. These only determine the amount of fluorine contained in the water and not the accompanying contaminants. .

Untested Type of Fluoride Used in the Overwhelming Majority of U.S. Water Supplies

Source: Washington’s Blog

Dartmouth University wrote in 2001:

In a recent article in the journal NeuroToxicology, a research team led by Roger D. Masters, Dartmouth College Research Professor and Nelson A. Rockefeller Professor of Government Emeritus, reports evidence that public drinking water treated with sodium silicofluoride or fluosilicic acid, known as silicofluorides (SiFs), is linked to higher uptake of lead in children.

Sodium fluoride, first added to public drinking water in 1945, is now used in less than 10% of fluoridation systems nationwide, according to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) 1992 Fluoridation Census. Instead, SiF’s are now used to treat drinking water delivered to 140 million people. While sodium fluoride was tested on animals and approved for human consumption, the same cannot be said for SiFs.

Masters and his collaborator Myron J. Coplan, a consulting chemical engineer, formerly Vice President of Albany International Corporation, led the team that has now studied the blood lead levels in over 400,000 children in three different samples. In each case, they found a significant link between SiF-treated water and elevated blood lead levels.

“We should stop using silicofluorides in our public water supply until we know what they do,” said Masters. Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency have told Masters and Coplan that the EPA has no information on health effects of chronic ingestion of SiF-treated water.


Also requiring further examination is German research that shows SiFs inhibit cholinesterase, an enzyme that plays an important role in regulating neurotransmitters.

“If SiFs are cholinesterase inhibitors, this means that SiFs have effects like the chemical agents linked to Gulf War Syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and other puzzling conditions that plague millions of Americans,” said Masters. “We need a better understanding of how SiFs behave chemically and physiologically.”

Here is Masters’ scientific paper on SiFs (also called “fluosilicic acid” and “fluorosilicic acid“).

Where does this compound come from?………………

CDC – Water Fluoridation Additives – Engineering Fact Sheet – Community Water Fluoridation – Oral Health

Sources of Fluoride Additives

Most fluoride additives used in the United States are produced from phosphorite rock. Phosphorite is mainly used for manufacturing phosphate fertilizer. Phosphorite contains calcium phosphate mixed with limestone (calcium carbonates) minerals and apatite—a mineral with high phosphate and fluoride content. It is refluxed (heated) with sulfuric acid to produce a phosphoric acid-gypsum (calcium sulfate-CaSO4) slurry.

The heating process releases hydrogen fluoride (HF) and silicon tetrafluoride (SiF4) gases, which are captured by vacuum evaporators. These gases are then condensed to a water-based solution of approximately 23% FSA.

Approximately 95% of FSA used for water fluoridation comes from this process. The remaining 5% of FSA is produced in manufacturing hydrogen fluoride or from the use of hydrogen fluoride to etch silicates and glasses when manufacturing solar panels and electronics.

Since the early 1950s, FSA has been the main additive used for water fluoridation in the United States. The favorable cost and high purity of FSA make it a popular additive. Sodium fluorosilicate and sodium fluoride are dry additives that come from FSA.

FSA can be partially neutralized by either table salt (sodium chloride) or caustic soda to get sodium fluorosilicate. If enough caustic soda is added to completely neutralize the fluorosilicate, the result is sodium fluoride. About 90% of the sodium fluoride used in the United States comes from FSA. Sodium fluoride is also produced by mixing caustic soda with hydrogen fluoride.

Regulatory Scope on Additives

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has authority over safe community drinking water, as specified in the Safe Drinking Water Act. On the basis of the scientific study of potential harmful health effects from contaminated water, the EPA sets a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) concentration allowed for various organisms or substances.

Although the EPA does not specifically regulate levels of “direct additives,” which are additives added to water in the course of treatment, it does specify that the addition of chemicals as part of the treatment process should not be more than the MCL concentration for regulated substances. This MCL limit includes the levels naturally occurring in the source water, plus the contribution from direct additives. In 1979, EPA executed a Memorandum of Understanding with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to establish and clarify areas of authority in controlling additives in drinking water. FDA has regulatory oversight for food additives, which includes bottled water, and EPA has regulatory oversight of direct additives in public drinking water supplies.


Chemical Names: SULFURIC ACID; Sulphuric acid; Oil of vitriol; Dihydrogen sulfate; Battery acid; Dipping acid;   More…

What is Caustic Soda?

Sodium hydroxide

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Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also known as lye and caustic soda,[1][2] is an inorganic compound. It is a white solid and highly caustic metallic base and alkali salt which is available in pellets, flakes, granules, and as prepared solutions at a number of different concentrations.[10] Sodium hydroxide forms an approximately 50% (by weight) saturated solution with water.[11]

Sodium hydroxide is soluble in water, ethanol and methanol. This alkali is deliquescent and readily absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide in air.

Sodium hydroxide is used in many industries, mostly as a strong chemical base in the manufacture of pulp and paper, textiles, drinking water, soaps and detergents and as a drain cleaner.

Drain cleaner – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A drain cleaner is a chemical-based consumer product that unblocks sewer pipes or helps to prevent the occurrence of clogged drains.

Chemical drain cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners can be in solid or liquid form that are readily available through hardware stores, though some (primarily acidic ones) are intended for use by licensed plumbers.[1]

Alkaline drain cleaners are available in either solid or liquid state while the acidic ones are usually in liquid form.

Alkaline drain openers

Bottles of alkaline drain cleaners containing sodium hydroxide can dissolve greases and hair.

Alkaline drain openers primarily contain sodium hydroxide and some may contain potassium hydroxide. They may appear in liquid or solid form.

Liquid formulations of corrosive alkaline drain cleaners can contain sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and lye (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) in concentrations up to 50 percent.

Industrial strength. Drano’s website claims the product to be …

industrial strength. Drano’s website claims the … report’s main focus will be on the household liquid Drano product … Chlorine and the caustic soda


Cotton yarn is typically “sized” with starch to increase its strength for weaving, bathed in oil-derived paraffin to smooth and lubricate it, and, in some cases, “mercerized” in caustic soda, which gives it a worn look. Starch biodegrades, but when dumped in waterways the microbes that eat it also consume oxygen. Aquatic life depends on that oxygen, and starch is just one of many chemical treatments, including dyes, that deplete it. Caustic soda, a key ingredient in Drano, can kill aquatic life and burn workers. Bamboo eco-jeans are made by “cooking” shoots in caustic soda before they’re turned into fiber.

Fluoride or Sodium Hyrodroxide?

An Environmental Detective Story

Dan Montgomery

December 3, 1996

In October, 1995, I noticed a change in the water quality in Santa Rosa. Each time I drank the water it caused pain in the gums. I switched to using spring water so I could see what difference it made. Each time I tried to go back to drinking the city’s water, the pain came back. The contrast was clear.

In my experience, this kind of painful damage to the gums resulting from a change in the local water supply suggested that fluoride was being added. I called the Sonoma County Water Agency which supplies the water for Santa Rosa. I talked to several personnel. They told me that fluoride was not being added to the water. I doubted their story. I arranged for a lab test. The lab reported that the water sample I brought them contained only .12 parts per million fluoride. I arranged for another lab to test the water. They reported .20 parts per million in the water. Fluoride was not being added. I looked for another explanation for the change in water quality. I called the water agency and this time I asked if there had been any change in water quality or if they were doing something different than they had before.

Yes, they said, they started adding caustic soda to the water in October, 1995, but they were certain it could not possibly harm anybody. The chemical name of caustic soda is sodium hydroxide. It is a strong alkali and is sometimes used as a soaping agent. The purpose of the sodium hydroxide is to raise the pH to 8.2. The high pH reduces corrosion of pipes by making the water more alkaline. ……

Fluoride – “NUTRIENT” OR “CONTAMINANT”? Richard G Foulkes BA MD …

contaminants in fluoridation chemicals

The manufacturer’s MSDS of the Hydrofluosilicic acid


Fluoride is a bone seeker, and excessive amounts will produce weakening and degeneration of the bone structure. Chronic exposure may cause excess accumulation of fluorine (fluorosis) in the teeth and bones. Severe fluorosis in children weakens tooth enamel resulting in surface pitting. After prolonged high intake in adults bony changes occur characterized by hardening or abnormal density of bone (osteosclerosis), benign bony growths projecting outward from the surface of the bone (exostoses) and calcification of ligaments, tendons, and muscle attachments to bone. Ingestion and skin contact may cause an abnormal reduction of blood calcium (hypocalcemia) and kidney damage since fluorides precipitate calcium stored in the body. There may also be heart, asthma, nerve, intestinal and rheumatism problems. (1,3,4)

Here is a very revealing documentary which includes former EPA scientists who talk about how the link to cancer from fluoride were covered up by senior management. These are the same scientist who determine the safety levels of water fluoridation. They are saying it is not safe.

Flouride-Gate; An American Tragedy

This is a new documentary that reveals the tragedy of how government, industry and trade associations protect and promote a policy known to cause harm to our country and especially to small children who suffer more than any other segment of the population. While their motivation remains uncertain, the outcome is crystal clear: it is destroying our nation

US Environmental Protection Agency Union of Scientist opposes Water Fluoridation

They state:

…….Our opposition to drinking water fluoridation has grown, based on the scientific literature documenting the increasingly out-of-control exposures to fluoride, the lack of benefit to dental health from ingestion of fluoride and the hazards to human health from such ingestion. These hazards include acute toxic hazard, such as to people with impaired kidney function, as well as chronic toxic hazards of gene mutations, cancer, reproductive effects, neurotoxicity, bone pathology and dental fluorosis. First, a review of recent neurotoxicity research results…….

………The implication for the general public of these calculations is clear. Recent, peer-reviewed toxicity data, when applied to EPA’s standard method for controlling risks from toxic chemicals, require an immediate halt to the use of the nation’s drinking water reservoirs as disposal sites for the toxic waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry.





NTEU Chapter 280 and its individual Executive Board members have signed on to the following Statement of Concern about the science of fluoridation. The goal is to stimulate a Congressional hearing on this national policy, which has not been aired before Congress and the public since 1978. Since 1978, a wealth of peer reviewed literature has been published on the carcinogenic, genotoxic and neurotoxic effects of fluoride, as well as on the efficacy of fluoridation. We believe that a full, open debate on the merits of the science underpinning fluoridation – and EPA’s drinking water standards – is long overdue.






Listen to what Dr. William Hirzy, former EPA scientist (27 Years)  and past President of the EPA Union has to say on Fluoridation here in this video.

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ


Here is a pdf I put together with more details.
Health impact from water fluoridation

Screenshot from 2013-10-26 20:30:04

Fluoride by itself is a cumulative poison that has been proven to cause a wide-ranging and serious health problems. It causes dental fluorosis which is a biomarker for fluoride poisoning. It is toxic in other ways as well. It is an endocrine disruptor and an enzyme inhibitor. It causes brain (lower IQ, dimentia, alzheimer’s), kidney and thyroid damage, skeletal fluorosis, calcifies the pineal gland (interfering with melatonin & seratonin), causes premature (aging) cell death (apoptosis) and has been linked to cancer.

Click here ( http://fluoridealert.org/researchers/health_database/) to see the most comprehensive collection of scientific data showing that fluoride by itself causes untold health problems.

Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons.


Fluoridation is not safe or effective and it is also illegal.

Screenshot from 2014-02-25 18:00:51

Fluoride in water linked to hypothyroidism, new study finds


The thyroid gland controls the rate at which the body produces energy, and is instrumental in the development of the bones, brain, and nervous system. Hypothyroidism (an under-performing thyroid) is expressed by a depressed body temperature and voltage, and is linked to many diseases.

Dr. Jerry Tennant describes how fluoride “bullies out” the iodine (an essential component) in the thyroid hormone, which regulates the body’s voltage. If your body does not have proper voltage, it will not “heal” like it should because “healing” is simply cells reproducing to create new cells, which then replace the older damaged cells, and -50 mV’s of voltage is required for cells to do this. This means that sufferers of lowered body voltage induced by fluoride consumption are more vulnerable to all types of diseases and injuries.

Contrary to the unsubstantiated, regurgitated message that ‘fluoride in water protects our teeth’, the evidence shows that ingesting fluoride actually causes damage to teeth, a tragically all too common condition known as “dental fluorosis”. People, we really need to get fluoride out of our water; this is a very serious issue.

“If there’s any doubt, get it out!”

Thyroid Series: What do bread, swimming pools and toothpaste have to do with my thyroid?


Fluoride depletes iodine in the body, causing hypothyroidism and immune deficiency – NaturalNews.com

The Hypothyroidism Epidemic

Fluoride was used as a drug to treat hyperthyroidism because it reduces thyroid activity quite effectively. This is due to the ability of fluoride to mimic the action of thyrotropin (TSH). Excess fluoride correlates with the other thyroid-related issues such as iodine deficiency. Fluorine and iodine, both being members of the halogen group of atoms, have an antagonistic relationship. When there is excess of fluoride in the body it can interfere with the function of the thyroid gland. Thus, fluoride has been linked to thyroid problems. Patient who wish to avoid the effect of fluoride on their thyroid can utilize fluoride free toothpaste such as Carifree, an oral neutralizer gel.[18]

Oral manifestations of thyroid disorders and its management

Screenshot from 2014-12-19 22:31:11

Screenshot from 2014-12-19 22:32:44

Screenshot from 2014-12-19 22:34:05

Screenshot from 2014-12-19 22:35:05



Water Fluoridation Chemicals Are NOT Pharmaceutical Grade

While naturally-occurring arsenic in groundwater is one of the most common sources of exposure, hydrofluorosilicic acid—the most commonly used form of fluoride added to water supplies—is a toxic waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry that is commonly contaminated with arsenic, radionucleotides, aluminum and other industrial contaminants.

Most people are shocked when they realize that the fluoride added to their water supply is actually a toxic by-product from the fertilizer industry, opposed to a pharmaceutical-grade chemical. The source of most water fluoridation chemicals is explained by Michael Miller, a minerals commodity specialist for the US Geological Survey, in the featured article:7

“During the production of phosphate fertilizer, phosphate ore is reacted with sulfuric acid to produce toxic gases. These are taken out of the air after being sprayed with water, which produces fluorosilicic acid… The solution is sold to water systems nation-wide, where it is diluted and put into drinking water. Occasionally, it is treated to create sodium fluorosilicate. Together, these compounds (called silicofluorides) provide fluoride to 90 percent of U.S. drinking water systems that are fluoridated…”

Dartmouth researcher warns of chemicals added to drinking water

SOURCE: Dartmouth News | March 15, 2001

In a recent article in the journal NeuroToxicology, a research team led by Roger D. Masters, Dartmouth College Research Professor and Nelson A. Rockefeller Professor of Government Emeritus, reports evidence that public drinking water treated with sodium silicofluoride or fluosilicic acid, known as silicofluorides (SiFs), is linked to higher uptake of lead in children.

Sodium fluoride, first added to public drinking water in 1945, is now used in less than 10% of fluoridation systems nationwide, according to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) 1992 Fluoridation Census. Instead, SiF’s are now used to treat drinking water delivered to 140 million people. While sodium fluoride was tested on animals and approved for human consumption, the same cannot be said for SiFs (HSFA).

Masters and his collaborator Myron J. Coplan, a consulting chemical engineer, formerly Vice President of Albany International Corporation, led the team that has now studied the blood lead levels in over 400,000 children in three different samples. In each case, they found a significant link between SiF-treated water and elevated blood lead levels.

We should stop using silicofluorides in our public water supply until we know what they do,” said Masters. Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency have told Masters and Coplan that the EPA has no information on health effects of chronic ingestion of SiF-treated water.

In their latest study published in a special December 2000 issue of NeuroToxicology , Masters, Coplan and their team analyzed data on blood levels from more than 150,000 children ages 0 to 6. These tests were part of a sample collected by the New York State Department of Children’s Health, mostly from 1994 to 1998 in comparable non-fluoridated and SiF-treated public drinking water in communities with populations of similar size. Socio-economic and demographic risk factors for high blood lead were also considered using information from the 1990 U.S. Census. The researchers found that the greatest likelihood of children having elevated blood lead levels occurs when they are exposed both to known risk factors, such as old house paint and lead in soil or water, and to SiF-treated drinking water.

“Our research needs further laboratory testing,” added Masters. “This should have the highest priority because our preliminary findings show correlations between SiF use and more behavior problems due to known effects of lead on brain chemistry.” Also requiring further examination is German research that shows SiFs inhibit cholinesterase, an enzyme that plays an important role in regulating neurotransmitters.

“If SiFs are cholinesterase inhibitors, this means that SiFs have effects like the chemical agents linked to Gulf War Syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and other puzzling conditions that plague millions of Americans,” said Masters. “We need a better understanding of how SiFs behave chemically and physiologically.”

Currently, a bill before the New Hampshire House of Representatives would impose more stringent testing on fluoridating chemicals added to public drinking water. On March 7, 2001, Masters and Coplan testified in favor of the bill, HB 754, The Fluoride Product Quality Control Act, at a public hearing. Masters contends that bill’s requirement for testing the silicofluorides is vital but needs to be complemented by further research on neurotoxicity and behavior.

Masters and Coplan note that their recent studies contain the most extensive empirical evidence of the health and behavioral costs of these chemicals. “If further research confirms our findings,” Masters added, “this may well be the worst environmental poison since leaded gasoline.”

Dartmouth University released a multi-year study (Sept ’99) involving 280,000 children which linked fluoridation with high lead levels in children. Prof. Masters, head of the Dartmouth Foundation for Neuroscience and Society, said the problem is especially serious because lead poisoning is associated with higher rates of learning disabilities, hyperactivity, substance abuse, and crime. Children who have been poisoned by lead are less able to handle stress and are more prone to violent outbursts.


How Fluoride Affects Consciousness and the Will to Act – Waking Times



Dasani Bottled Water Has 4 Ingredients: Tap Water, Known Teratogen, Lethal Drug, and Salt

Fluoride poison horses – YouTube

So we have Arsenic being added to the drinking water as it is one of the chemicals which makes up Hydrofluosilicic acid.

Screenshot from 2014-09-12 21:08:55

Arsenic in Drinking Water | NRDC

Arsenic is a known carcinogen proven to cause cancer.

The EPA defines the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) for toxic elements in drinking water thus: “the level below which there are no known or anticipated effects to health.” The MCLG for arsenic, lead, and radioactive particles, all contaminants of the scrubber liquors used for fluoridation, is 0.0 ppb (zero parts per billion). Therefore, any addition of fluorine-bearing substances to drinking water that include these contaminants is contrary to the intent of EPA’s established health goals.

When combined with other sources it is easy to see how a person can easily exceed the safe daily doses of arsenic which is 0.00. So why is your government putting arsenic in the water if it causes cancer??  You might want to ask that question to your local councillor.

The table below shows the lifetime risks of dying of cancer from arsenic in tap water, based on the National Academy of Sciences’ 1999 risk estimates (see our report for details on how we calculated total cancer risk).

Arsenic Level in Tap Water
(in parts per billion, or ppb)

Approximate Total Cancer Risk
(assuming 2 liters consumed/day)

0.5 ppb 1 in 10,000
1 ppb 1 in 5,000
3 ppb 1 in 1,667
4 ppb 1 in 1,250
5 ppb 1 in 1,000
10 ppb 1 in 500
20 ppb 1 in 250
25 ppb 1 in 200
50 ppb 1 in 100

The Health Dangers of Inorganic Arsenic


Arsenic isn’t just for murder mysteries anymore. In fact, this toxin is lurking in your food and drinking water. If you eat enough of it, arsenic will kill you outright. In smaller amounts, arsenic can cause skin, bladder and lung cancer. Basically, bad news. Less well known: Arsenic messes with your hormones! Specifically, it can interfere with normal hormone functioning in the glucocorticoid system that regulates how our bodies process sugars and carbohydrates. What does that mean for you? Well, disrupting the glucocorticoid system has been linked to weight gain/loss, protein wasting, immunosuppression, insulin resistance (which can lead to diabetes), osteoporosis, growth retardation and high blood pressure.

Industrial-grade Fluoridation Chemicals

Cost Society $Billions in Arsenic-induced Cancers

NEW YORK– Industrial-grade fluoride chemicals added to US public water supplies contain arsenic that the EPA classifies as a human carcinogen. Switching to low-arsenic pharmaceutical-grade fluoride will save society $1 billion to $14 billion annually, according to research published in Environmental Science & Policy, led by former EPA senior scientists who are experts in chemical risk assessment, reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

Although never studied for safety or efficacy, hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) is added to public water supplies as a purported cavity preventive.  The industry-funded group that regulates water additives, NSF International, allows several toxins in HFSA, including arsenic.

The Safe Drinking Water Act requires EPA to determine the level of certain contaminants in drinking water at which no adverse health effects are likely to occur.  These health goals, based solely on possible health risks and exposure over a lifetime with an adequate margin of safety, are called maximum contaminant level goals (MCLG).  The MCLG for arsenic is zero.  The EPA also sets an enforceable maximum contaminant level (MCL), but concedes this level will not prevent cancers.

Senior researchers, Drs. William Hirzy and Robert Carton , write, “Arsenic levels in this HFSA product vary substantially but are typically about 30-35 mg/kg.”  These levels would qualify it as toxic hazardous waste if not for a legal loophole because it is sold to fluoridate water.  The study found HFSA raised the arsenic level of finished or tap water by anywhere from 0.078 to 0.43 parts per billion (ppb).

Ninety percent of arsenic showing up in tap water comes from fluoridation chemicals, according to a study in the American Water Works Association publication, Opflow, led by Dr. Cheng-nan Weng.

Hirzy and Carton found that industrial-grade HFSA contains from 100 to 500 times more arsenic than pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride (NaF).

Using EPA’s calculation methods, HFSA would cause from 320 to 1800 arsenic-induced cancers per year.  They calculated these cancers would cost society $1 billion to $6 billion per year.

The researchers conclude: “Our analysis shows that, if local governments that currently add HFSA to their drinking water wish to continue delivering fluoride to their citizens and at the same time reduce the number of lung and bladder cancers among their citizens, they could do so with a significant net benefit to society by switching to USP NaF [pharmaceutical grade Sodium Fluoride] for fluoridation.”

Paul Connett , PhD, FAN Director says, “This study provides additional scientific evidence that fluoridation should be stopped, as the purported benefits no longer outweigh the risks.”

Reference: Hirzy JW, Carton RJ, Bonanni CD, Montanero CM, Michael F. Nagle MF. 2013. Comparison of hydrofluorosilicic acid and pharmaceutical sodium fluoride as fluoridating agents—A cost–benefit analysis. Environmental Science & Policy 29: 81-86 (May).

Learn more by visiting FAN’s website.

Fluoridation chemicals contain highest levels of Arsenic

The International Agency for Cancer Research has classified Arsenic as a Group 1 (a) substance, “known to cause cancer in humans,” and the National Academy of Sciences strongly advocates urgent moves to reduce human exposure to this contaminant via the drinking water.

The EPA suggested that a reduction in the MCL for Arsenic from 50 parts per billion (ppb) to 5ppb will result in the lowering of the Maximum Allowable Level (MAL) in the fluoridation product – fluorosilicates derived from phosphate fertilizer pollution scrubbing operations.

The new MAL would prevent about 20 cases of bladder cancer and approximately 5 bladder cancer deaths per 100,000 population per year. This translates to 50,000 cases and 12,500 deaths from bladder cancer each year.

The results of tests indicate that the most common contaminant detected in the fluoridation product is Arsenic. The National Sanitation Foundation International (NSFI) showed that the average Arsenic levels in the fluoridation agent were well above the proposed MAL. They said that if the lower Arsenic MCL of 5 ppb is promulgated, future tests of fluoridation chemicals may result in “increased product failures”.

The fluorosilicic acid is a toxic waste byproduct from phosphoric acid plant pollution scrubbers. This acid contains two other Group 1 (a) substances – Uranium and Beryllium. Studies have revealed that Beryllium is a causative of osteogenic sarcomas (bone cancers), and Uranium is also known to cause cancers in humans.

Health Canada says it is re-evaluating the safety of rice products following recent studies sounding the alarm about arsenic levels. 

CTV British Columbia
Published Friday, September 28, 2012

The concern was prompted by a recent Consumer Reports’ investigation and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) probe that found troubling levels of arsenic in rice and many products made from rice, including crackers and cereals.

The consumer watchdog found that all 32 rice products tested contained arsenic, prompting it to warn consumers to “take steps to moderate their rice consumption.”

Arsenic occurs naturally in soil and Is easily absorbed because rice is grown in standing water. But lab tests showed many of the rice samples also had troubling levels of toxic inorganic arsenic, the type found in pesticides.

“Inorganic arsenic is a known human carcinogen that has been linked to skin, lung, and bladder cancer,” said Andrea Rock of Consumer Reports.

Rice cereal is often a baby’s first food and children are more vulnerable to the long term toxic effects of arsenic.

“We are saying for infant rice cereal that you really shouldn’t eat more than one serving a day,” Rock said…..


FDA Admits Chicken Meat Contains Arsenic | Collective-Evolution

Report: Arsenic Found in Common Breakfast CerealsREALfarmacy.com

Arsenic in Apple Juice | Tampabay.com – St. Petersburg Times

Consumer Reports Arsenic in Food November 2012_1.pdf

FDA data show arsenic in rice, juice, and beer (2014)

Here’s an overview of some significant developments regarding arsenic in food in the last year

Add up all the sources of arsenic and you begin to see that there is a serious problem with adding it to water supply.


Americans are losing their minds to Alzheimer’s disease. It’s an epidemic. And it’s not typical of what’s going on in the rest of the world.
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are 18 million people with Alzheimer’s. Over 4 1/2 million Americans have the disease. We account for 25% of all Alzheimer’s cases, even though we represent only 4.6% of the world’s population. Europe is experiencing half our rate of disease. For Americans over 85 years of age, 50% are thought to have Alzheimer’s.
The question is, “Why?”

The Age of Aluminum profiles people whose health has been seriously impacted by unwitting exposure to aluminum, along with leading scientists as they explore the links between this known neurotoxin and a growing epidemic of chronic illnesses and disabilities.

For those seeking answers to why breast cancer, dementia, autism, autoimmunity, allergies, and chronic fatigue are on the rise,

The Age of Aluminum is a must-see film.


Watch Age of Aluminum Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo

Is your toothpaste erasing your brain

Go read the ingredients on your tube of toothpaste. It’ll list one or two ‘active ingredients’…notice the combined total amounts of ‘active ingredients’ is usually less than 1%. What about the other 99%?


The latest edition of the peer-reviewed medical journal, Brain Research, (vol.784:l998), reveals that aluminum-induced neural degeneration in rats is greatly enhanced when the animals were fed low doses of fluoride. The presence of fluoride enhanced the bio-availability of aluminum (Al) causing more aluminum to cross the blood-brain barrier and become deposited in the brain. The aluminum level in the brains of the fluoride-treated group was double that of the controls.

The pathological changes found in the brain tissue of the animals given fluoride and aluminum-fluoride were similar to the alterations found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

The authors stated that…..



by George Glasser

“In l999, EPA convened a group of experts to carefully consider the results of the Varner et al. (1998) study,” USEPA spokesman, Charles Fox wrote in a September 5, 2000 letter to US Congressman Ken Calvert, Chairman, House Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment. Fox continued, “As a result of that conference, EPA has requested that the National Toxicology Program consider the possibility of conducting additional studies of the neurotoxicity of aluminum that include verification of the results observed in the Varner et al. Study.” ntp.niehs.nih.gov/ntp/htdocs/lt_rpts/tr393.pdf

Fox carefully avoided mentioning the fact that the reviewed study he cited was replicated in two previous studies by Dr. Julie Varner. All three studies found that aluminum-fluoride interactions are associated with brain and kidney damage in laboratory animals. Aside from brain and kidney damage, there was an 80% mortality rate in the animals fed doses of sodium fluoride and aluminum similar to those found in artificially fluoridated drinking water.

Alum (aluminum sulfate) is most frequently used by water companies to improve the appearance of drinking water, to make it clear. For many years, aluminum has been known to be neurotoxic to humans and animals.


Can Aluminum Cause Alzheimer’s Disease? by Melvyn R. Werbach, M.D.

Senile dementia is a progressive degenerative brain disease associated with old age. Its symptoms include short-term memory loss, slowness in thought and movement, confusion, disorientation, depression, difficulty communicating, and loss of physical function. Alzheimers disease accounts for about half of all senile dementia cases. Although there are many theories about what causes Alzheimers, the fact is, its origins remain poorly understood. One theory proposed that the common occurrence of being exposed to aluminum could cause Alzheimers dementia. Aluminum, the theory postulated, becomes concentrated in the characteristic lesions (senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles) that develop in the brain during the course of the disease. At first, medical scientists thought this theory was absurd. Aluminum, they believed, accumulated merely as a result of a destructive process caused by some other factor. In recent years, however, the aluminum hypothesis has been gaining respect. For example, studies have discovered a direct association between the level of aluminum in municipal drinking water and the risk of Alzheimers dementia. One study found aluminum in drinking water was related to only this specific type of dementia;1 another found that the probability of the association being due to chance was only 1 in 24, with a 46 percent increased risk for people drinking water with the highest aluminum levels.2 The use of aluminum-containing antiperspirants–but not the use of antiperspirants and deodorants in general–has also been associated with a risk of Alzheimers dementia, with a trend toward a higher risk corresponding with increasing frequency of use.3 This relationship does not extend to aluminum-containing antacids,4 which may simply be evidence that the aluminum in antacids is not absorbed–the process of absorption through the gut mucosa is quite different from absorption through the skin. We also know that serum aluminum concentrations increase with age. Aluminum may accumulate slowly over our lifetimes or we may absorb it more easily as we age. Moreover, there is evidence that people with probable Alzheimers disease have serum aluminum levels that are often significantly higher than those of people with other types of dementia, as well healthy people of similar ages.5 Further evidence that aluminum fosters the development of Alzheimers dementia comes from a scientific (placebo-controlled) trial of desferrioxamine, a drug that removes aluminum from the body by binding with it. While regular administration of the drug failed to stop the disease from progressing, desferrioxamine did significantly reduce the rate of decline in the ability of a group of people with Alzheimers dementia to care for themselves.6 Although the aluminum/Alzheimers link remains unproven, I believe that waiting for definitive proof before taking a few easy and protective measures is foolhardy–and more scientists are starting to agree.7,8 Perhaps one person in 10 age 65 or older suffers from dementia; by age 80 that figure rises to one in five. This is too common an illness to ignore preventive measures until we can know for certain why it develops.

Ways To Avoid Aluminum …….

Scientists Researching the Effect of Aluminum Exposure Appeal to the Public

Aluminum has been linked to diseases such as cancer, autism, and Alzheimer’s.  This toxic material is entering the human body via everyday consumption of food, water, cosmetics and an increasing number of vaccinations.


“Professor Christopher Exley, often referred to as Mr. Aluminum, has been studying the effects of aluminum on the human body for thirty years and has become increasingly worried. In a recent video presentation, he explained that, despite the fact that aluminum has been regularly used as an adjuvant in vaccination for many years, little is known about its effect on the human body. He made it clear that we should accept that aluminum is toxic and that toxicity may take many different forms. He stated that wherever it ends up in the body, it has the potential to do harm.

This is certainly something to consider, especially when none of us can be certain where an aluminum adjuvant will accumulate once it has been vaccinated into our body.

Professor Exley continued by stating that:

If aluminum is in the brain, it can produce neurodegeneration and problems associated with the brain; if it is in the bone, it can produce bone disease. Wherever it ends up in the body, it has the potential to cause toxicity, whether it is in humans, fish or any other living organism.”…..


WAR ON HEALTH – The Pharmaceutical Industry has become the #1 cause of disease and death in America by poisoning people with its toxic chemicals, so that they become future revenue generating patients. The FDA receives 40% of their budgets from drug companies! THE FDA IS KILLING AMERICANS EVERY DAY…

Aluminium in drinking water. A health report on drinking water treatment linking Alzheimers mental health disease in the elderly to drinking water treated with aluminium sulphate, alumina, by municiple treatment filtration filter systems.

AluminumWhy a Concern in Drinking Water?

For years, researchers have puzzled over the surprisingly high levels of aluminum that turn up in the shrivelled brains of Alzheimer’s disease victims. While some scientists believe that the aluminum deposits are only a side effect of Alzheimer’s, a growing number of investigators say that aluminum may play a central role in causing the disease that afflicts mostly elderly people. Aluminum occurs naturally in some waters but is also introduced as aluminum sulphate by some municipal water departments to remove fine particles, colour and bacteria. Municipal water departments usually control the water to a slightly alkaline condition, i.e., pH between 7 and 8. In alkaline conditions aluminum precipitates as fine solid particles, which are then filtered out by means of sand filters. However, sand filters become less efficient for particles as small as 4 to 5 microns and therefore fine particles slip through.

The latest evidence of a link emerged when Australian scientists reported that aluminum used to purify water accumulated in the brains of laboratory rats. The Australian study focused new interest on the issue at a time when Ottawa’s environmental health directorate is preparing to propose Canada’s first national guidelines for aluminum levels in drinking water. The Australian study was important, said the directorate’s chief, Dr. Barry Thomas, because it showed that aluminum in drinking water can be absorbed by the body. “As to whether it actually causes memory loss and brain damage,” added Thomas, “there is not conclusive evidence. But we fear that it may.” Although tiny amounts of aluminum are used in a variety of products, including antacids, antiperspirants, and some processed foods, the metal is pervasively present in drinking water. The reason: municipalities in Canada and other countries often use aluminum sulphate, or alum, to remove mineral particles from water in filtration plants, a process that leaves an aluminum residue in the water.

In the past, studies in Canada and other countries have pointed to links between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. University of Toronto researchers found in a 1991 study that they could slow the rate of deterioration in Alzheimer’s patients by treating them with a drug that removed some aluminum from their brains………

Aluminium in drinking water: An overview

HUDSON WD (1966) Studies of distribution system capacity in seven cities. J. AWWA 58 (2) 157-164. JASIM SY, FRASER JC, HUCK PM, URFER D and ANDERSON WB (1997) Pilot scale investigation of the reduction of aluminum in drinking water.

Alzheimers research triggers call for new water poisoning inquiry | UK news | The Guardian

Aluminium, which is a neurotoxin, has previously been associated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Fed-up dentists expose the evil practices of modern dentistry: toxic filling, fluoride poisoning and more

How Mercury Destroys the Brain – University of Calgary – YouTube

Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth by Tom McGuire, DDS – YouTube




Learn More About BPA Fillings and their linked to behavior issue in children

Tooth Fillings Made with BPA tied to Behavior Issues

Plastics Chemical in Dental Fillings Might Affect Childrens Behavior: Study

BPA in Tooth Fillings May Boost Kids’ Behavioral Problems

Bisphenol-A in Dental Composites

www.bcd.com.au/pdf/IAOMT_BPA.pdf –

The presence of plastic polymers in dental composites has caused uncertainty in the … there is no free, unreacted BPA in bis-GMA or bis-DMA resins.

BPA in Dental Material: A Growing Concern?

Updated October 30, 2014.

On September 7, 2010 The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a very interesting article online titled, “Bisphenol A and Related Compounds in Dental Materials: A Critical Review,” which takes a look at dental materials, and their BPA content. Certain dental material such as composite (white) fillings, and dental sealants may contain BPA. It is not yet known how much BPA is absorbed into the body, but what is known is how BPA is released from the resin. Enzymes from your saliva have been found to release the BPA from resin materials. According to the researchers, the time immediately after the placement of such materials represents the period in which the greatest chance of exposure may occur. The research team did note that dentists may reduce the potential for BPA exposure by using an abrasive, such as pumice, to remove the top liquefied layer, in this case for a dental sealant, and rinse the tooth for 30 seconds immediately after placement of the sealants, to reduce the levels of salivary BPA.

Dentists that are concerned about BPA in their resin materials do have options when it comes to selecting the products they use. According to the article, “Dental products that contain the bisphenol A derivative glycidyl dimethacrylate (bis-GMA) are less likely to be converted to BPA and have less estrogenic properties than those containing bisphenol A dimethacrylate (bis-DMA), and the authors suggest the more commonly used bis-GMA resins should be the preferred choice.”

Dental restorative materials are no stranger to concern and especially controversy over their safety. Patients that had concerns about amalgam fillings (silver) breathed a collective sigh of relief when composite fillings were introduced some 40 years ago. Now it seems that BPA could possibly be the new “mercury” in dentistry.

admin { 05.17.12 at }Hello Patrick,
Amalgam fillings have mercury as you know. It is a heavy metal linked to diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers. With kelation therapy, all heavy metals can be removed from a person’s blood. BPA’s exist in most white fillings. They are even more harmful as they can not be removed from one’s blood. They mimic hormones, and thus interfere with the endocrine system even in very low doses. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders.
Many dentists who profess to be holistic are taking out silver fillings and replacing them with white fillings that have BPA. In my opinion it is worse to have BPA’s than silver fillings. Also, the way in which the silver filling is removed is very important as the mercury is most available for absorption when it is being placed and removed (thus barriers are necessary). If silver fillings are carefully removed and replaced with a BPA free white fililng, there is argument for replacement of certain silver fillings. Of course there are many components in white fillings. There are MSDS sheets available if you are interested in all the components. Of all the components, BPA is the only harmful one know to us at this moment. We stay right on top of the most current science on this matter. We are in Boston where there are many brilliant scientists educating us right from the source. If this changes, we will also change with the new information.
Hope this is helpful
Maria Vasilakis, DMD


Exposure to BPAs from composite filling materials is only of concern when the resin is in a liquid or semi-liquid state – e.g. before it is hardened through the light curing process. Once it is hardened, there is no longer a risk of exposure. For this reason, the technique your dental professional uses in curing the material is very important. You will want to ensure they are using what is called the “layering” or “sandwiching” technique, in which the material is placed in layers and fully cured before the next layer is placed. This ensures the restoration is completely cured throughout.

You may also ask your dental professional to use a BPA-free composite resin, which can be found in the EDA’s GreenDOC Product Guide.

If you are concerned about the biocompatibility of particular dental materials with your individual body chemistry, ask your dental professional to perform a Clifford Reactivity Test. This test assesses your blood against 8000 different dental materials to identify dental materials that are not biocompatible with your personal chemistry.


97% Of Terminal Cancer Patients Linked To Common Dental Procedure

Posted on May 26, 2015 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

A shocking statistic has emerged that suggests 97% of all terminal cancer patients have all had root canal treatment, a treatment that some claims that can lead to heart, kidney, bone and brain disease. 

Over 25 million root canal treatments are performed in the United States every year. 

Humansarefree.com reports:

Root-canaled teeth are essentially “dead” teeth that can become silent incubators for highly toxic anaerobic bacteria that can, under certain conditions, make their way into your bloodstream to cause a number of serious medical conditions—many not appearing until decades later.

Most of these toxic teeth feel and look fine for many years, which make their role in systemic disease even harder to trace back.

Sadly, the vast majority of dentists are oblivious to the serious potential health risks they are exposing their patients to, risks that persist for the rest of their patients’ lives. The American Dental Association claims root canals have been proven safe, but they have NO published data or actual research to substantiate this claim……


THE NEGATIVE HEALTH EFFECTS OF CHLORINE by Joseph G. Hattersley – October 1999

Chlorine, Cancer, And Heart Disease – Global Healing Center …

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

Adding chlorine to drinking water is a practice that began in the late 1800s, and by 1904 this was the standard in water treatment. For the most part, this process is still implemented today. Unfortunately, chlorine isn’t used because it’s the safest or most effective means of disinfection — it’s just the cheapest. In spite of all our technological advances, we essentially still pour bleach in our water before we drink it. The long-term effects of chlorinated drinking water have just recently being recognized. Past research has indicated it may be a contributor to cancer; however, there is no conclusive data to replicate these findings. [1]

History of Chlorine Danger

Dr. Joseph Price wrote a highly controversial book in the late sixties titled Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine and concluded that …………..

When you now look at it, our drinking water treatment system sounds more like a witches toxic brew of the most neurotoxic (brain damaging) and cancer causing chemicals. In the beginning you have the gases from the sulphuric acid (battery acid) heated/cooked with phosphorite rock, which produces the Hydrofluorosolisic acid (HSFA)(the most corrosive chemical known to man). This brew contains 20 to 30% fluoride, but also contains arsenic, a known cancer causing chemical and a host of other toxic chemicals. This is added to our drinking water. Then to neutralize this extremely acidic HSFA, Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is added to the water. It is also known as lye and caustic soda (the main ingredient of Drano a drain cleaner).  Then aluminum sulphate or alum is added to remove mineral particles from water in filtration plants, a process that leaves an aluminum residue in the water. Aluminum has been linked to diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Then you have chlorine. The hidden dangers of using chlorine are just to many to list, please read the articles above.

Anyone who be-LIE-ves that this toxic brew is safe to drink, has lost the ability to think critically. These chemicals have a cummulitive and synergistic effect and most defenitly have a negative impact on the whole body over an extended period of time. If we were caught dumping these chemicals into the drinking water system, we would be charged with terrorism, however cities have exempted themselves from this and made it legal for them to do so.

The Dangers of Microwaves and Plastic Combo

Using a microwave is dangerous, but microwaving your food in a plastic container is doubly dangerous.

By Dr. Mercola

I don’t recommend storing your food in plastic or cooking it in a microwave, but if you’re going to use either, at least don’t use them together. Microwaving food in a plastic container virtually guarantees that your food will be contaminated with plastics chemicals that have leached into your food during the heating process.

There’s no arguing that plastic is convenient, inexpensive, and virtually unbreakable, making it tempting to use for food storage, especially while you’re out and about. However, though it seems perfectly safe, plastic is made with a veritable stew of chemicals.

What’s Lurking in Your Plastic Containers?

Depending on what product you’re using, your plastic might contain phthalates, for starters. Phthalates are a group of “gender-bending” chemicals causing males of many species to become more female.

These chemicals have disrupted the endocrine systems of wildlife, causing testicular cancer, genital deformations, low sperm counts, and infertility in a number of species, including polar bears, deer, whales, and otters, just to name a few.

In humans, phthalates have been linked to preterm birth and neurobehavioral problems in infants after in-utero exposure.1 They’ve also been found to increase blood pressure levels,2 and high urinary levels are associated with insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes.3

Plastic containers may also contain bisphenol-A (BPA) or any one of its similar “replacement” chemicals, including BPS (there’s also Bisphenol B, C, E, F, G, M. P, PH, TMC, and Z).

While the replacement chemicals haven’t been widely studied, BPA is a known endocrine disruptor that’s been linked to a number of health concerns, particularly in pregnant women, fetuses, and young children, but also in adults, including:……

How to Avoid Cancer Causing Plastics

Chemical companies promised the world that they would change the way people lived through science. Plastics: they’re in everything these days, and avoiding them completely is next to impossible. So which types are relatively safe and which are the cancer causing plastics to avoid?……..


Hormone Altering Chemicals Found in Brand Name Clothing




Study: BPA alternative may be worse than the harmful chemical it replaced – Salon.com

The removal of Bisphenol A (BPA), an estrogen-mimicking industrial chemical linked to a variety of health risks, from many plastics is widely considered a consumer victory. But the alternative, a new study suggests, might be just as bad as, if not worse than, BPA itself.

The study, published by University of Calgary scientists in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, finds that Bisphenol S (BPA), the “primary replacement” for BPA, is itself linked to changes in brain development similar to those associated with BPA.

BPA Free Plastic Safe? Guess Again!

New Study Says BPA Effects Autistics Kids In A Real Bad Way. | The Edgy Truth

BPA or  which is found in tons of containers worldwide and is considered to be really bad for us, may be even worse for autistic kids. This all coming down from a study performed at Rowan University School and Osteopathic Medicine and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Man, that’s sure a lot to say….and well, not incredibly surprising.

From Organic Authority:

It has been suspected for a lot of years that BPA is involved in autism, but there was no direct evidence,” said T. Peter Stein, of RowanSOM and the study’s lead author. “We’ve shown there is a link. The metabolism of BPA is different in some children with autism than it is in otherwise healthy children.”

Soy is making kids ‘gay’

By Jim Rutz
Soy is making kids ‘gay’
There’s a slow poison out there that’s severely damaging our children and threatening to tear apart our culture. The ironic part is, it’s a “health food,” one of our most popular.

Now, I’m a health-food guy, a fanatic who seldom allows anything into his kitchen unless it’s organic. I state my bias here just so you’ll know I’m not anti-health food.

The dangerous food I’m speaking of is soy. Soybean products are feminizing, and they’re all over the place. You can hardly escape them anymore.

I have nothing against an occasional soy snack. Soy is nutritious and contains lots of good things. Unfortunately, when you eat or drink a lot of soy stuff, you’re also getting substantial quantities of estrogens.

Estrogens are female hormones. If you’re a woman, you’re flooding your system with a substance it can’t handle in surplus. If you’re a man, you’re suppressing your masculinity and stimulating your “female side,” physically and mentally.

In fetal development, the default is being female. All humans (even in old age) tend toward femininity. The main thing that keeps men from diverging into the female pattern is testosterone, and testosterone is suppressed by an excess of estrogen.

If you’re a grownup, you’re already developed, and you’re able to fight off some of the damaging effects of soy. Babies aren’t so fortunate. Research is now showing that when you feed your baby soy formula, you’re giving him or her the equivalent of five birth control pills a day. A baby’s endocrine system just can’t cope with that kind of massive assault, so some damage is inevitable. At the extreme, the damage can be fatal…………..


Gender-Bending Chemicals Turning Man and Animals Feminine:Chemicals in food, cosmetics, and cleaning products are ‘feminizing’ unborn boys, causing falling sperm counts, and infertility later in life.

The Disappearing Male is about one of the most important, and least publicized……

Low testosterone can lead to poor health and rapid aging in both men and women

by Carolanne Wright

(NaturalNews) Testosterone levels in American men are falling at an alarming rate. According to Healio Endocrine Today, we have witnessed a dramatic decline in the hormone over the last two decades. Even more worrying, these decreases are independent of age. In the past, it was normal to see testosterone drop as a man grew older, but now researchers are seeing a plunge in younger men too.

Low testosterone isn’t simply an inconvenience, it can be life threatening. A study presented at the Endocrine Society in Toronto found that men with inadequate testosterone had a 33 percent greater risk of death over the course of the next 18 years compared to those with higher testosterone. A deficiency in the hormone also contributes to prostate and testicular cancer, erectile dysfunction, poor muscle mass, fatigue, insomnia and memory/concentration problems.

Women can also suffer from low testosterone, especially in a society that relies heavily on plastic packaging, chemicals and pesticides. These toxins translate into xenoestrogens within the body and cause widespread endocrine system disruptions. When our hormones are knocked off balance, we can become estrogen dominant – leading to an increased risk of breast cancer, obesity, diabetes, infertility and miscarriage.




Scientists Reveal Ramen Noodles Cause Heart Disease, Stroke & Metabolic Syndrome


The dangers of ramen noodles are self-evident to most, however there will always be those who will deny the dangers of consuming them. After all, it’s a staple food for college kids so how bad could it be? It can’t kill you right? New research from Baylor University and Harvard says it can. The noodles increase people’s risk of metabolic changes linked to heart disease and stroke, researchers found.

Ramen noodles contain Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), which is a byproduct of the petroleum industry and food additive frequently to preserve cheap processed foods. A gastrointestinal specialist conducted an experiment with a time lapse video inside the stomach to what would happen after two hours of digesting ramen noodles and the results were staggering.

In the most recent study in the Journal of Nutrition,

Read more at: http://www.getholistichealth.com/40858/scientists-reveal-ramen-noodles-cause-heart-disease-stroke-metabolic-syndrome/

The 12 Worst Cancer-Causing Products In Your HomeREALfarmacy.com

Could washing your hair make you stupid

Illegal Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in Nearly 100 Shampoo Brands

You probably thought that the worst thing your shampoo could do to you is to burn your eyes, but it turns out that your shampoo could be deadly.

How Johnson & Johnson May Be Poisoning Your Child

If you buy special shampoo for your baby, the last thing you’d expect it to contain would be known or suspected carcinogens… But if you live in the U.S., this may in fact be the case. For the past two years, health and environmental groups have been urging Johnson & Johnson to remove two potentially cancer-causing chemicals from its baby shampoo.

The Sun Is Heating Up And Its Time To Ignore Every Single Message You Hear About Slathering On Sunscreen

The idea that sunscreen prevents cancer is a falsity promoted by a profit-seeking tag-team effort between the cancer industry and the sunscreen industry. How convenient an oversight by these demonizers of the sun that people closest to the equator have the lowest incidence of skin cancer, but you’ll never hear that message on your local news. Instead, as the summer approaches the media bombards us daily with myths that blocking the sun’s rays from reaching our skin will somehow protect us from the one thing it actually prevents–cancer.

The Sunscreen Myth: What Sunscreen Products Actually Do To Your Body

Caution! You Won’t Believe How Sunscreen Gets Into Your Blood and More!

Stop poisoning yourself

Cancer In a Can: The Shocking True Story of How Pringles Are Made

Splenda Contaminates 65% of Breastmilk Sampled, Gov. Study Finds

A concerning new study finds that most of the breast milk samples tested contained artificial sweeteners. Why has this never been discovered until now and what are the implications to our most vulnerable populations? 

An article soon to be published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health on the presence of synthetic sweeteners in breast milk is bound to upset the apple cart when it comes to assessing the toxicological risk of these chemicals to breastfed infants.

In previous articles we have reported extensively on the dangers of artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame and sucralose (aka Splenda), whose presence in tens of thousands of consumer products make exposure to them commonplace.  Despite their present day low-risk regulatory status, we have found highly concerning research that these compounds contribute to a wide range of health conditions such as:

Even more concerning, when Splenda is heated at temperatures that occur in baking applications it produces dioxin, one of the most deadly chemicals known to man. This is a finding that has received almost not attention outside a few scientific studies that we reported on in an article you can familiarize yourself with here: Sucralose’s (Splenda) Harms Vastly Underestimated: Baking Releases Dioxin.

Is Aspartame dangerous: The sneaky story of how aspartame became legal

Is aspartame dangerous? Depends who you ask. This artificial sweetener has found its way into more than 6,000 products including carbonated and powdered soft drinks, chewing gum, confections, gelatins, dessert mixes, puddings and fillings, frozen desserts, yogurt, tabletop sweeteners, and some pharmaceuticals such as vitamins and sugar-free cough drops. Currently aspartame is consumed by over 200 million people around the world (source).

That’s a lot of food… and a lot of people. Looks like the question: “Is aspartame dangerous” is one we all should be asking.

If you head on over to aspartame.org you’ll find lots of reassuring data that indicates that the artificial sweetener has been through the “scientific” ringer. You’ll find endorsements by all sorts of “experts” and important people. But if you take a look at the history books the facts paint a different picture:

The sneaky history on how aspartame became legal

Born out of accident

In the mid 1960’s a chemist working for the company by the name of of G.D. Searle accidentally created aspartame in a quest to produce a cure for stomach ulcers. Searle puts aspartame through some testing procedures and eventually gets approval by the FDA.

Unfortunately, the testing process was among the worst. Not long after approval, the dangers of aspartame brought G.D. Searle under major fire.

In fact: Aspartame triggered the first criminal investigation of a manufacturer put into place by the FDA in 1977.

In 1980 the FDA banned aspartame from use after having 3 independent scientist study the artificial sweetener. Why?

Because they found that aspartame came with a high danger of inducing brain tumors.

Brain tumors: Bad. Aspartame banned by the FDA.

In January of 1981 Donald Rumsfeld, CEO of Searle, stated in a sales meeting that he was going to “call in his markers” and make a push to get aspartame approved. That month Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President of the United States. His transition team included Rumsfeld who hand picked Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes Jr. to be the new FDA Commissioner.

Within a couple of months, Hayes appointed a 5-person Scientific Commission to review the claims on aspartame. In a 3 – 2 decision, the panel upheld the original ban, stating that the artificial sweetener was unsafe.

Aspartame: Banned twice by the FDA…..

Dangers of Aspartame Poisoning

Dr. Janet Hull

The dangers of aspartame poisoning have been a well guarded secret since the 1980s. The research and history of aspartame is conclusive as a cause of illness and toxic reactions in the human body. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical food additive, and its use during pregnancy and by children is one of the greatest modern tragedies of all.

Why haven’t you heard about aspartame poisoning before? Partly because the diet industry is worth trillions of American dollars to corporations, and they want to protect their profits by keeping the truth behind aspartame’s dangers hidden from the public. When NutraSweet® was introduced for the ‘second’ time in 1981, a diet craze revolutionized America’s eating protocols and a well-oiled money machine was set into motion changing modern lifestyles.

After more than twenty years of aspartame use, the number of its victims is rapidly piling up, and people are figuring out for themselves that aspartame is at the root of their health problems. Patients are teaching their doctors about this nutritional peril, and they are healing themselves with little to no support from traditional medicine.

What can you do about aspartame poisoning?….

Aspartame’s Hidden Dangers – Mercola.com

Do You Chew Gum? If So, You Better Read This

dangers of aspartame in gum

dangers of aspartame and pregnancy

Aspartame’s Name Changed to Amino Sweet: A Toxin By Another Name is Still a Toxin

Natural Society has been talking about the dangers of Aspartame for quite some time now. It is a dangerous artificial sweetener found in many of the foods we consume every day, including soft drinks, chewing gum, breakfast cereals, and jams. Now, it’s important to know that aspartame may be disguised as a new name in your favorite foods – aminosweet.

Used as a sugar substitute and often marketed as Nutrasweet and Equal, aspartame is an excitotoxin that destroys the brain and body. Its use has been a controversial subject since the 1980s when the CEO of Searle, Donald Rumsfeld, pushed for it’s approval to be sold on the market. Now, its name is being changed, with FDA approval, to try to dupe millions into purchasing and consuming this toxin once again.

Aspartame, even renamed Amino Sweet, is not safe. This substance is made using genetically modified bacteria in the US, but according to a Monsanto source, the UK market does not have to eat genetically modified bacteria excrement. Many ‘low-calorie’ foods contain GMO aspartame, however, even overseas. Aspartame may cause blindness, cancer, and brain tumors.

Read more at: http://www.getholistichealth.com/42469/aspartames-name-changed-to-amino-sweet-a-toxin-by-another-name-is-still-a-toxin/

Top 10 Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners 

Harvard Health Publications: Artificial Sweeteners

MSG Is This Silent Killer Lurking in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Why MSG is so Dangerous

One of the best overviews of the very real dangers of MSG comes from Dr. Russell Blaylock, a board-certified neurosurgeon and author of “Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills.” In it he explains that MSG is an excitotoxin, which means it overexcites your cells to the point of damage or death, causing brain damage to varying degrees — and potentially even triggering or worsening learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease and more.

Part of the problem also is that free glutamic acid is the same neurotransmitter that your brain, nervous system, eyes, pancreas and other organs use to initiate certain processes in your body.4 Even the FDA states:

“Studies have shown that the body uses glutamate, an amino acid, as a nerve impulse transmitter in the brain and that there are glutamate-responsive tissues in other parts of the body, as well.

Abnormal function of glutamate receptors has been linked with certain neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s chorea. Injections of glutamate in laboratory animals have resulted in damage to nerve cells in the brain.”5

Although the FDA continues to claim that consuming MSG in food does not cause these ill effects, many other experts say otherwise.

The Shocking Dangers of MSG You Don’t Know – Mercola

28 Aug 2007 … You probably already knew that MSG could damage your brain cells, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

MSG: a neurotoxic flavor enhancer

Prevention: Names of ingredients in which MSG is hidden ….. CBN’s 4-part series on The Dangers of MSG. Oops…Looks like these were pulled: Part 1.

MSG is Dangerous — The Science Is In | Food Renegade

27 Nov 2012 … Research finding that MSG is dangerous continues to mount, albeit slowly. In this post, you’ll be exposed to some of the primary science …

MSGDangers & Deceptions – BecomeHealthyNow.com

Monosodium glutamate or MSG is a commonly used flavor enhancer in food. Take a look at how our government has twisted the facts about this dangerous …

No More MSG: The Dangerous Food Additive You Must Live Without

To create and sustain health, feeding the body properly is absolutely essential – which is why I advise my patients to eliminate all processed foods. Why is this …

The Dirty Truth About Dryer Sheets – REALfarmacy.com

Most commercial dryer sheets are loaded with all sorts of toxic chemicals including Benzyl Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol, Chloroform and Linalool; none of which are good for your health. In addition to all the chemicals that end up on your skin, when heated, the fumes are also toxic.  These toxins go straight to their brain’s most sensitive neurological centers and wreck havoc.

5 Killer Reasons to Ditch Dryer Sheets………..

If you have decided to call it quits here, before you leave take the time download the following document

Here is a comprehensive guide to healing your body naturally.( 100+ pages) Ignorance is not bliss, it is how we are all being used and abused. Knowledge is power. The only reason most people die of cancer is because of ignorance (not knowing). Keeping you ignorant and believing in half truths and lies is how this world really works. Understanding how the body really works and our failure to do what it takes to keep us healthy, puts us at risk of becoming ill, not only for cancer, but many illnesses. If a person does the research they will find many alternative cures that are more effective than the poisonous treatments offered.
My journey into this revelation began a few years ago, when I decide I would try to end water fluoridation in my area. I came to realize that the body is a fine tuned biological machine and runs very well under ideal conditions. However in the last few decades we have been affected by an increase in toxins from many sources, some self inflicted, the rise of GMO’s, processed foods and more. Most of this is happening because we trust and beLIEve that most of what we are putting in our bodies must good for us. We are often led into a false sense of security by a mantra that is often used like “Safe and Effective”. We assume that our government has our best interest at heart and would protect us from anything that would actually harm us and diminish us all. I will let you in on a secret. That is an assumption and is based on a false beLIEf. The world works and moves this way. “Money talks and most people can be bought.” We live in a parasitically world, where others pray on our misery and ignorance and the medical system is no different. The pharmaceutical industry’s annual global sales already amount to over 1 TRILLION dollars annually.
Moreover, by 2018, sales of drugs are expected to reach a staggering 1.3 trillion dollars a year.
What interest could drug companies possibly have in eliminating CANCER as a scourge of mankind if doing so would simultaneously destroy the vast revenues they receive as a result of the disease’s continued existence? Your poor health has now become a tool for others to profit from and this is aided by your government, which you assume will protect you.
We are now seeing a drastic increase in illnesses that are causing much suffering and death, not only to adults but now our children. From this knowledge, I began collecting information and decided I would share this information. I have saved people the time of doing their own research and put this pdf together ( on-line, link below) providing many links to information ( books, videos, articles and websites ) on natural cures for many illnesses, which are supposedly not curable. It will also bring you to an understanding on how the body really works. If you follow through to the end, it will bring you to an even greater understanding on how this world really works.
You can make a difference in someone’s life by copying and SHARING this information. If you do nothing, nothing will happen.Thanks
“If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.”
~ Hippocrates – founder of Medicine.


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