Deal with reality, before it deal with you!!!!!
This is the TOTAL GLOBAL ENDGAME REVEALED. It is what has been outlined by “insiders” that I have personally been in contact with…, as to where the human population of the Earth will end up eventually, and what is being planned for all incarnating SOULS!

Many of us thought that the New World Order…, or the One World Government was the end of the plan! Yea right…, THINK AGAIN.

I guess we were wrong!

The New World Order is only the very first step out of the next dozen or so that are intended to bring about the VERY END of where the globalists want to be in the future. And, where they want to be, is FAR WORSE than just a global one world government.

In a plot that is the “perfect” synthesis of total evil, psychopathy, satanism, black magic, and “borg” like thinking…, it will make even the most stalwart couch potatoes stand up and take notice.

Step One: Is the One World Government, One World Army, One World Religon and a One World Currency!


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